A hard secret to keep

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The more you dwell on your secrets, researcher Michael Slepian discovered in his breakthrough study, The Experience of Secrecythe more stress, anxiety and depression you feel. The average person has What part of secret-keeping, exactly, is doing damage? Simply committing to the idea that you have information that cannot be known by some people le to harmful effects.

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The only way we get around in this world is through our interactions with other people. We connect by sharing our experiences. Do secrets affect their keepers differently? Secrecy hurts people who are prone to feel shame more than guilt. So, if secrets are bad for us, why do we keep them? What can I do differently? How can I find a healthy way forward?

Your mind ruminates on the secret less. Does it matter who we offload our secrets to in order to feel better? Therapist or friend? In a confessional or with a partner? Whereas, the politer someone is—simply being nice, following social norms, social conventions—the less likely you are to confide in them.

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We also want to confide in people who are assertive, who can take charge, people who are going to go out of their way to help you figure out what to do next. If we all have secrets—you say 13 on average—are we all doomed to have stress and anxiety in keeping them? When I think about this work, I see it as a cautionary tale with an optimistic note.

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But the good news, the optimistic point is that finding new ways to think about the secret will improve your wellbeing. Sometimes we talk to each other without feeling heard. Honesty—a most intimate interaction—can be just as thrilling as its more devious inverse.

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A hard secret to keep

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Science Shows Why It's So F***ing Hard to Keep a Secret