Alternate ending to the wizard of oz

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In. Edit The Wizard of Oz Showing all 11 items. As the amount of commercial time on network television gradually increased, more scenes were cut. According to film historian John Fricke, these cuts started with solely a long tracking shot of Munchkin Land after Dorothy arrives there. The rest of the film remained intact. By the s, the other excised shots included: the film's dedication in the opening credits, continuity shots of Dorothy and Toto running from the farm, establishing shots of the cyclone, the aforementioned tracking sequence in Munchkin Land, the establishing shot of the poppy field, and tiny bits and pieces of the trip to the Wicked Witch's castle.

CBS, which had shown the uncut version of the film inand again from the films first telecast untilfinally started to show it uncut again beginning inby time-compressing it. Network airings in the s were uncut and not time-compressed; the film aired Alternate ending to the wizard of oz a 2-hour, minute time period. Alternate ending to the wizard of oz should be noted that this version was not "true widescreen" and really only covered up the top and bottom of the screen with black bars, thus ruining the 1. The widescreen ratio was again used for the theatrical re-release, although it was not specifically advertised as such.

Fortunately, this "fake" widescreen version of the movie has not been seen on any television broadcast or home video release of the film. Broadcast, tape, and DVD versions are in the television standard 1. The 50th anniversary video cassette restores the sepia color of the Kansas scenes. All theatrical re-releases, TV airings, and video releases since then have the scenes in the sepia tones.

In the s a Super-8 version of the film was released for home use that was condensed the film down to 20 minutes. In the 's similar procedures were done on "Alice in Wonderland""Heidi"and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"each of which were condensed to 45 minutes for showing in school classrooms. This helped increase the hype for the film's magical transition from 2D to 3D within the countdown intro's first seconds and further enhanced the anticipation for the switch to Technicolor later on.

These elements don't appear on the 75th Anniversary 3D Blu-ray edition of the film. The original prints incorporated a "stencil printing" process when Dorothy runs to open the farmhouse door before switching to Technicolor; each frame was hand tinted in order to keep the inside of the door in sepia tone. The Warner dvd release uses this technique.

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For the re-release, Warner Bros. As a result, the re-release prints started with Warner's 75th Anniversary logo. The prints also ended with a short set of restoration and sound remixing credits. The Warner Brothers DVD edition suffers from print defects due to shrinkage of the materials used in the restoration, and cuts out one line of Dorothy's which occurs during a reel change when Toto is being taken from Dorothy.

As she whimpers Toto's name, there's a stutter edit where an off camera Garland repeats the first few words of a line, "Oh, To, oh Toto. So, the apparent mistake was excised.

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Original preview versions of "The Wizard of Oz" ran several minutes longer than the current version. These are the scenes that were cut or shortened to reduce the running time. These scenes were never included Alternate ending to the wizard of oz any officially released version of the film: During the "If I Only had a Brain" sequence, there was originally a spectacular dance that Ray Bolger performed.

In the film, as officially released, he sings the first and second verses of "If I Only had a Brain", then falls over comically. In the original cut, though, he sings the first and second verses, begins to dance, and eventually a crow takes a large portion of his straw. The scarecrow then flies in the air to get it back, which he does. Then he does some splits forward and backwardand then a pumpkin rolls down the road. When it goes through the scarecrow's legs, he is thrown high into the air. Now, he comes down, bounces against the fences, sings a third verse of "If I Only Had a Brain", then falls down.

A scene where the Wicked Witch of the West turns the tin man into a bee hive as she threatened to do was cut out for the current version. The cut was covered by flipping the image of the following shot, so that the characters would appear to be in the same positions. During the "Lions and Tigers and Bears" scene, those words are said several more times than in the current version.

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There was originally a scene where the Witch sends a pink and blue bug known as the "Jitterbug" into the haunted forest "to take the fight out of" Dorothy and her friends. This is perhaps the most famous deleted scene of them all, but the actual footage no longer exists. All there is left of the "Jitterbug" scene is home movies that the composer, Harold Arlen, filmed during rehearsals, and the sound track of the song.

A reprise of "Over the Rainbow" which Dorothy sings while locked in the witches castle was cut. Only the soundtrack of the survived.

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In and Warner Bros. This corrected the issues regarding the three Technicolor strips becoming misaligned during the restoration and also presented the film in its best quality to date. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Edit. Top Gap. Create a list ». AFI Top movies. My Favorite Films. Live action. See all related lists ». Share this :.

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Alternate ending to the wizard of oz

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