Aurora colorado wife.

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She screamed, and the stranger threw the hammer at her and fled. Inside their Aurora home, there was blood on the walls, the mirror, the curtains, the ceiling. By the time DNA tied year-old Alex Ewing to the spree, it was too late for authorities to prosecute him for the assault on Aurora colorado wife. and her now ex-husband. The statute of limitations, which sets the deadline by which a crime must be prosecuted, had passed. She sought some sort of closure, some vicarious justice.

She stared at Ewing as he sat shackled to the floor.

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Five days after Rice was attacked, someone bludgeoned and raped a year-old woman in Aurora after she pulled into her garage. The day after that, year-old Patricia Smith was killed with a hammer at her home in Lakewood. Then five days later, year-old Bruce Bennett, year-old Debra Bennett and their daughter, 7-year-old Melissa Bennett, were killed by an attacker wielding a hammer. Police realized the attacks Aurora colorado wife.

a similar pattern. For both Rice and the Bennetts, investigators believed the suspect entered through an open garage door. As authorities realized the connections, the media descended, Rice said.

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The case riveted the region. But after a rush of initial activity and ificant investigation, the case went quiet.

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There were no more attacks, no suspects. After her assault, Rice was shaky and frightened. She tried to avoid her garage. She easily became afraid, sometimes just by driving home alone at night. She became consumed with ensuring her garage door was locked.

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Over time, Rice convinced herself that the attacker was dead. So it was a shock when, ininvestigators called her into a meeting and told her that they believed the man who attacked her was alive, and in prison. The current statute of limitations on most felony cases in Colorado is three years, although the time allowed for prosecution is much longer for some charges, Aurora colorado wife.

sexual assault, which has a year window. The statute of limitations on sex assault charges was doubled in amid the claims against Bill Cosby, after women spoke up about why it took them years to report the alleged assaults. So you get rid of plaster casts of tire tracks and footprints — but what if you scan those plaster casts and put them in a server?

Then they last forever. Rice attended the Aurora colorado wife. trial for the Bennett family in July with some trepidation.

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After Ewing was convicted of their murders, she wrote the judge a victim impact statement. District Judge Darren Vahle dismissed the concern.

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The judge said everything she wanted to say. She left the courtroom in tears. A weight had been lifted, she said. And although Ewing is set to stand trial in Jefferson County in the killing of Patricia Smith in October, Rice has no intention of attending that trial. Sections U. Science Technology Business U. Colorado woman moves on after surviving hammer attack.

In she and her husband were attacked in their home.

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Their case will never be charged because of the statute of limitations. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Aurora colorado wife.

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