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In other words, what works for your Facebook may not work for mine, and vice versa. So you need to test to see what gets the most engagement from YOUR particular fans. Want to increase your Facebook engagement? Test them all, see what works, and double down on the most engaging Facebook post strategies.

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These tips are all about creating a posting rhythm and structure for maximum Facebook engagement. When it comes to your Facebook posts, stay in the "Goldilocks zone" of post frequency. Experts suggest you post on Facebook once a day or around 5x a week. It gives you time to think your post through and even enjoy the creative process.

You can also schedule your Facebook post, whether it's text, video, or an image, ahead of time. Instead of spending hours scrambling to come up with post ideas each day, you can use that time to reply to comments and DMs! Your Facebook posts should range from informational and logical to funny and laid-back. Across genres, you should let your fans know what actions you want them to take next. In other words, occasionally and strategically end your posts with a call-to-action CTA. Maybe it's to show up for a webinar you're hosting, a live stream you're running, or a product pre-order.

I often use "Click like if you agree and comment if you don't" or something to that effect. If you'd like some other CTA ideas, check out the Facebook library! Y ou can gain some helpful ideas from advertisers, which you can implement into your own Facebook posts. Even if your end goal is to sell more of your product, your tactics should include MORE than just constant promos. Most of those get blocked off by our attention wall. With this in mind, make sure you're balancing your promotional posts with other types of Facebook content.

Pinpointing how your brand tone should sound comes down to looking at your target audience. Here are some attributes to think about when pinpointing who you're writing to:. You can also peek into your comment section to see what words, phrases, or Gen-Z slang your audience typically uses. So it makes sense that most skim through posts and won't take a second look at long captions. Aim to be short, sweet, and to Awesome things to say on facebook point. Make your words efficient while still impactful more on this Awesome things to say on facebook. If you're a coach, educator, or consultant, valuable info can position you as an authority on the subject you're talking about!

Find statistics, reports, or other data you think will make your fans go "WOW. Motivational, inspirational, and funny posts always get the most shares on Facebook. If I ask you what your favorite TV show is, I bet you'll have more than just a few words to say about it! When writing great Facebook posts, you want to write about a subject your audience enjoys! Say Company Y's audience is adult women and their Facebook post is about finding the perfect clothing size.

But what if you're not a gold-medal wordsmith? Y ou can use a thesaurus to expand your vocabulary. Facebook rolled out a great feature a couple of years back that lets you turn your regular text post into a graphic. Simply select the colorful box icon at the bottom of your Facebook post box and choose the background you like best.

This helps attract more eyes to your post because you're using color to your advantage! Historically speaking, photos carry the most weight in the Edgerank algorithm on Facebook. PLUS, people are more likely to Awesome things to say on facebook image posts.

You still need to adhere to the other tips I mention above stay positive, keep it short, use emotional words, etc. Use relevant emojis in your posts to guide the reader's eyes to read the words next to the emoji. For example, posting a motivational quote early in the morning is just what people need when trying to drag themselves out of bed. Think of what message you want your post to convey and think about the time you're going to post it. If your message and posting time is harmonious, you'll likely see solid impressions, likes, comments, and shares!

Here's an underrated one. Sometimes your Facebook post will be speaking to a specific demographic. For example, a restaurant chain opening a new location in Atlanta can say: "Calling all residents in the Atlanta area!

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Sometimes giving people an easy choice of answers will result in MORE comments and engagement! What if you can't think of any questions to ask? If you're asking people to do something with a CTA, then make sure to provide a link where you want them to go site, app, etc. Below is an example from the TabSite App :. This CTA gives readers clear instructions on what to do next.

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Bitly is nice, but you can use a custom link shortener like short. Take social media expert, Shay Rowbottom, as an example:. The Facebook algorithm scores posts based on " edges ," aka likes and comments comments hold the most value. The more engagement a post has, the more the algorithm sees it as valuable enough to push out to more people. Publishing Facebook posts when users are more likely to see them will cause your engagement to go up.

Like all other social media sites, Facebook wants its users to stay on the platform for as long as possible. You should also note that the Facebook algorithm varies content types on the Facebook newsfeed. So it will balance out images, text posts, videos, and live streams as the user scrolls through, prioritizing topics that interest the user.

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As users like, comment, and share your and posts, your and posts become more visible. The Facebook algorithm also takes how recent your post is intoprioritizing new posts over old ones. To maximize Facebook engagement, you have to post quality content at the right time! The most successful social media marketers understand the power of content and use processes that make posting easy! Look at your current analytics and adopt a post-scheduling tool to see how your engagement changes over time. For example, Facebook has a "Boost" feature that allows you to promote your post to a larger targeted audience.

This feature is ideal for increasing engagement and acquiring new followers not necessarily for selling a product. Whether posting on your personal or brand Facebookkeep these 3 takeaways in mind:. Creating good content and maximizing your impressions can be done with the help of Post Planner's content library and Awesome things to say on facebook media scheduling tool.

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Create a free to try Post Planner today! View Hide comments Back to blog. Facebook Content Marketing. Want to know what to write when posting a picture to Facebook? Need some good examples? Let me guess: you're struggling to connect with your FB audience, right? Use these tips! This blog will cover the following: Part 1: How should I schedule and structure Facebook posts? Part 2: How do I make Facebook posts attractive? Part 3: What should I write on a Facebook post? How do Facebook posts work?

Things to know about the Facebook algorithm How do I maximize Facebook post engagement? Part 1: How should I schedule and structure Facebook picture posts?

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Users who have multiple platforms tend to behave slightly differently on each one. That includes WHEN and how often they post. You don't want to post too little, and you also DON'T want to spam either. Posting that often on Facebook is probably too much. Your content needs to stand out for the right reasons.

But writing Facebook posts doesn't have to be a stressful, daily whirlwind. Creating them in advance saves you TONS of time. Post Planner even lets you save the ones you like for resharing and inspiration! Add a call-to-action at the end Your Facebook posts should range from informational and logical to funny and laid-back. The last thing you want is for your followers to see your as one big ad. If that happens, your engagement rate will inevitably suffer.

Brand tones come in MANY different styles. If you want to know how to sound, you have to understand whose listening to you. Here Awesome things to say on facebook some attributes to think about when pinpointing who you're writing to: Age Gender Interests Geography Languages spoken You can also peek into your comment section to see what words, phrases, or Gen-Z slang your audience typically uses.

All of these can be incorporated into the brand tone of your Facebook posts! Veer towards short posts A Facebook news feed is like a crowded and loud subway train for your followers. That's why I recommend you keep your Facebook posts in an character range.

Have a clear message Shorter posts are much more likely to deliver a clear message. Clear Facebook posts avoid the following: Unnecessary tangents Awesome things to say on facebook sentences Bad grammar Clear, readable messages open your posts up for higher engagement potential! Write a post with valuable information Valuable information is essential when it comes to Facebook posts.

The result? Viewers sharing your post with their friends! Be positive People tend to engage and share more often with positive posts. Sure, people might agree with your negative sentiments. So if you want engagement up, stay positive! Write a post on a topic your fans care about If I ask you what your favorite TV show is, I bet you'll have more than just a few words to say about it! Because you care about it! I'll give you an example: Say Company Y's audience is adult women and their Facebook post is about finding the perfect clothing size.

They can compare having the wrong size to being as annoying as having split ends. Which brings us to the next point: Using the right words! Use emotional words Emotional words create connection.

Awesome things to say on facebook

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