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Identify gaps, help students learn and measure growth all in one easy system. In the classroom and at home. Learn More. Put every student on the path to success Identify gaps, help students learn and measure growth all in one easy system. For Teachers Vast item bank, Google Classroom sync and more…. Assess at school. Reinforce at home. Use all of your data to track learning and growth. Give students differentiated asments to remediate, reinforce or challenge.

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Engaging technology-enhanced assessments for benchmarks, the classroom, or distance learning Easily administer district common or classroom formative assessments using high-quality item banks, diagnostic or curriculum-aligned assessments, create your own questions or mix and match.

Schedule A Demo. See questions for your standards.

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Grade 5. Grade 4. Grade 7. Grade 8. High School.

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Grade 6. Grade 3. Grade Middle School. Keep students learning at home when school is closed or limited. Create self-paced lessons by embedding video, links and articles.

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Check for understanding with quiz questions and watch student engagement soar. Propel each student with personalized, data-driven recommendations. Fill learning gaps with practice for struggling students and challenge advanced students to move ahead. Schedule a Demo. crunching?

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Bring all of your key performance data together in one place — from Azubi speed dating wiki with online learning to discipline to diagnostics to state test scores — along with your classroom assessments and district benchmarks for a holistic view of each student, or of the whole district. See how to get the most out of your data.

Integrates seamlessly with the technology you already use. Easy on through Google, MS or Clever. Sync class rosters and share asments in Google Classroom or your LMS system and push grades back to your gradebook. How to sync with Google Classroom. We get the answers we need in a timely fashion, and it seems really clear that the team cares about whether or not their product is working for us. See how Edulastic can make a difference at your school Start for free Request a demo.

Azubi speed dating wiki

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