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Handguns are quite rightly a highly popular purchase with the American public. They can be invaluable when it comes to self and home defense. This peace of mind factor is further enhanced by the fact that many models are deed for ease of concealment. There is no argument that some handguns can cost serious money, but this does not always have to be the case.

Paying a small fortune for a handgun is certainly not the only way to go. This is because there is a wide choice of high quality, cheap handguns for sale. Our intention is to review 10 of them to help you find one that fits snugly into your concealed holster or purse and your budget. A handgun has a short rifled barrel that features thick walls in order to withstand high pressures.

The rifling within the barrel puts a spiral spin on the bullet when fired, which increases both accuracy and the distance traveled. They are normally used for firing at stationary targets, although this is obviously not always the case. Rifles are very similar to handguns in terms of their basic de but feature a much longer barrel. They are deed to be braced against the shoulder and require Best deals on pistols use of both hands.

As for shotguns, the barrel length can vary, but again they are shoulder braced and require both hands for use. However, shotgun barrels are Best deals on pistols and not rifled. Rifles and shotguns tend to be more accurate and easier to hit moving targets than with a handgun. Due to being smaller in size and lighter in weight, handguns are generally easier to carry and use. They are, therefore, an excellent choice for someone who needs to be permanently armed. Their size also much makes them easier to conceal, so they can be worn casually without anyone around you, knowing you are armed.

They also only require the use of one hand, unlike longer firearms. Therefore they can be easily and effectively used, for example, with a tactical flashlight. Also, they can be used in either hand if needed, either because of an injury to your dominant hand or because the location you are in means that it is safer to shoot with your non-dominant hand. Handguns are also far easier to maneuver than longer firearms, and it is also harder for an assailant to take control of a handgun than, for example, a rifle due to its smaller size and Best deals on pistols.

It splits the shooting community in two. But, those in favor would say in terms of price over accuracy, the C9 is worthy of consideration. It comes with a high-impact polymer frame and a black polymer grip. The slide and frame are finished in powder-coated black.

It weighs in at 29 oz. While many shooters dismiss Best deals on pistols pistol out of hand, it certainly has support from others. The low retail price certainly adds to its attraction. Remington should need little introduction. This iconic firearms manufacturer has been in business since !

With over years of experience behind them, they are obviously doing something right. And the company has worked to fine-tune this handgun, and the result is unfailing functionality with very good accuracy. Anyone looking at a well-priced handgun for personal defense should feel comfortable in the reliability and dependability of this pocket pistol.

The operating system is hammer-fired, and this is paired with its double-action only trigger. It is 3. Magazine capacity is six rounds. You know what you are getting in terms of reliability and quality manufacture with Remington, but do bear in mind, many shooters will find the trigger pull takes some getting used to. This semi-automatic, locked breech pistol chambers 9mm Luger cartridges and ease of concealed carry was a major factor during de.

With its 7-round single stack magazine, plus one round chambered, the PF-9 is a very light and flat 9mm handgun. The overall length is 5. It has a height of 4. The sight radius is 4. When looking at trigger pull, expect this at an acceptable 5 lbs. In terms of the firing mechanism, the PF-9 offers a smooth, double action only operation with a rapid reset. Sights are adequate for close-quarter situations, and the PF-9 is easy to takedown for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

However, do not expect a manual safety feature. The DAO trigger is its safety feature. This works as an automatic hammer block safety feature. When it comes to finish, the PF-9 comes in blued, parkerized or hard chrome finishes, and grip choice is either black, grey, or olive drab. It works well as a personal and home defense weapon and is also easily concealable.

We are moving up a few Best deals on pistols in price but also in quality and capacity with the Taurus PT The Taurus PT92 handgun is a semi-automatic weapon with short-recoil action. It was developed to reproduce the world-famous Beretta but with added benefits.

You are buying into a specifically deed ordnance grade alloy frame with a forged drop hammer. This highly durable manufacturing process means no frame cracking or slide sliding off! Safety is a major feature of this quality handgun. There is an ambidextrous, 3-position frame-mounted safety feature. This is regarded as being far more secure than just a slide mounted safety.

This handgun comes with manual and trigger safety features that make it inoperable once the incorporated key is turned. As this key is part of the weapon, there is no fear of losing it. The Taurus PT comes with 3-dot sights. With 9mm power and the size of this handgun, shooters could be forgiven for thinking it will be a beast to handle. This is certainly not the case. The PT has an acceptably low muzzle flip and manageable recoil, which makes it a very satisfactory gun to shoot. The popularity of the Taurus PT is seen in two ways. Firstly, there is a wide choice of aftermarket accessories to define the handgun as you wish.

And secondly, the fact that this handgun is used by several overseas security forces tells us that it stands the test of time in terms of reliability. Those looking for an effective and reliable concealed carry handgun will be safe in the knowledge that this model fits the bill.

It is highly popular with shooters and has the additional benefit of a green Crimson Best deals on pistols laser system. This function is activated through an easy-on, push-button feature and works to give enhanced target acquisition. This striker-fired 9mm handgun has a barrel length of 3. Front and rear sights are fixed, and it weighs in at just under 1. With purchase, you get two magazines.

One is a 7-round flush fit, the second an 8-round magazine with extended grip. It takes all of the good features from earlier versions and adds to its functionality. Two stand out additions are the fact that the grip texture now offers a little more, which makes handling even better, and the trigger revision has Best deals on pistols very well received. While the de of the hinged trigger and the passive safety system remain the same, it is the trigger stop that has been modified.

Best deals on pistols has been moved higher, meaning less overtravel, and the reset function is shorter. They must be classed right up there with the best pocket rockets ever made. The Model comes in three versions and is seen by many to be the pick of the bunch to date. It integrates all of the time-tested benefits offered by the original de with modern advancements to boot. You are buying into a small revolver that will fire a hard-hitting round when it counts.

This DAO Double Action Only revolver has a lightweight alloy frame along with a stainless steel barrel and cylinder of quality manufacture. It includes a Snag-Free Enclosed Hammer, has a barrel length of just 1. Not only that, the Model is simple to use, completely reliable, and simplicity itself to takedown for cleaning. Those men and women looking for an ultra-easy to carry and conceal weapons need look no further. That is regardless of the weather and type of clothes you choose to wear.

While the heavy trigger pull offers additional safety, the Model is not seen as being the best for those new to shooting handguns. Yes, the trigger can be modified to lighten the pull, but we feel experienced shooters will gain far more benefits and be more comfortable using this revolver than novices. New or inexperienced shooters will benefit from starting out with a handgun that is easier to handle. At the price offered, it can be added to your collection whenever your shooting expertise increases. It is a single action pistol with an overall length of 6.

The barrel is 3. The stock is manufactured from a quality polymer. There is a plain muzzle, and sighting-wise you have a fixed front sight with an adjustable rear sight. The pistol is finished in black. Its de focus was mainly to meet the demands as a training and target shooting handgun.

In both disciplines, it fits very well. While this is the most expensive of our low cost handguns, we felt the Glock name, reliability, and the uniqueness of this handgun should be included. The G19X was originally developed for military use. They have combined their full-size frame with their compact slide. This provides a pistol that is ready for use under all conditions Best deals on pistols any situation you find yourself in.

In a flat dark earth color finish, it is also the first-ever colored factory slide Glock has produced. The pistol itself also comes with a matching flat dark earth colored pistol case. Using their proven combat expertise, the Glock G19X offers dependable and accurate efficiency wrapped up in a highly durable handgun. Shooters will be confident that this military standard pistol will protect them and function as expected each and every time it is required.

The GMB Glock Marksman Barrel has enhanced polygonal rifling, and to further increase accuracy, this model has an improved barrel crown. No finger grooves but ambidextrous slide stop levers have been deed to increase versatility. There is also a lanyard loop included to improve retention. Whether you are heading down the range, readying your pistol for home defense duty, or out and about, an ample amount of ammunition is available.

The Bersa Thunder. This lightweight pistol is a very good choice for personal protection in a price bracket that is very affordable. Thanks to its aluminum frame, you will also find it light enough to carry and easy to handle when shooting. Bersa has a good name Best deals on pistols it comes to producing reliable handguns. Accuracy is also seen as above average for this type of pistol. You have three safety features. There is an integral locking system, manual safety, and firing pin.

As for sights, you are getting a Dovetail front sight and a Notched-Bar Dovetailed rear sight. For the price paid, both features add to the value, you are receiving. While very small pistols may be all the rage, they do take some getting used to. You will feel at home far more quickly with the Bersa.

Best deals on pistols

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