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These places are a must to visit whenever you are in Islamabad. Islamabad is the capital and definitely, the delightful city of Pakistan and is present at meters high from the surface of the ocean and it is the land of attractive visiting places.

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However, it is considered the second most beautiful capital in the world. Especially, lush green beauty, high mountains, peace, and neatness of this city catch the attention of visitors. Although Islamabad is not as magnificent as the northern areas still, it has a mesmerizing view and surely you will never be bored by staying there. Furthermore, climatic conditions are also appealing to visitors.

So, it is a symbol of magnificence and modernism. Now the question is which are the best places to visit in Islamabad? Hence, there are numerous places of interest, Timberland, Parks around the city, but I am going to tell you about the top 10 most interesting visiting places in Islamabad. Faisal Mosque is a glorious Mosque located in the capital city of Pakistan.

It is on top of the list of places to visit in Islamabad Therefore, it is famous as the Best places in islamabad Mosque of Pakistan and is present at the foothills of Margalla Hills. Consequently, is one of the best visiting places in Islamabad. Another most visiting historical place in Islamabad is Pakistan Monument. If you are planning a tour to Islamabad must go there and definitely see the beautifully deed aesthetic monuments showing the culture of four provinces of Pakistan.

An architect Mr. Arif Masood completed its construction in Furthermore, Its building is shaped like a blossoming flower; having 4 large and 3 small petals. Regarding its infrastructure, large petals represent the Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Hence it is in the list of famous places in Islamabad. The first museum of ethnology is the Lok Virsa Museum present in the capital city of Pakistan. If you want to know Best places in islamabad the past culture and traditions of Pakistan must visit this museum to take a glimpse of that heritage. Basically, It was established in to preserve, document and to promote the cultural heritage of Pakistan.

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Therefore, people around the country and also around the world come and visit this traditional museum with a minimum entry fee. Overall, the building contains multiple halls and an auditorium, having a mini cinema and open-air Theatre. A famous fair Lok Mela is especially organized every year at this spot to represent the lifestyles and traditions of every province. Margalla Hills National Park was established in by occupying an area of 17, hectares and is located in foothills of the Himalaya range.

Actually, it is an extension of Islamabad Wildlife Sanctuary and gives a unique look to Islamabad. The purpose of this park was to provide protection to wildlife Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles. Hence it is the most accessible park due to its presence in the capital of Pakistan. Therefore, it is also Best places in islamabad the top visiting places in Islamabad by the people who are nature-loving and interested in the conservation of wildlife. It is a combination of two Persian words meaning Foothills and located in the Margalla Hills National park.

Climbing hills give a breathtaking sight of majestic Faisal Mosque and the entire Islamabad city. A cool and fresh breeze blows and makes the people fresh. The path leading to Daman-e-Koh is full of scenic views as well. Furthermore, it is the first spot on Margalla Hills and among the best visiting places in Islamabad to roam with family. Best places in islamabad village is located on the slopes of Margalla Hills in Islamabad. It is more than years old village and is famous for its History, Heritage, and Folklore.

In it was restored to its actual village look by Capital Development Authority CDA on modern bases to attract tourists. Shakarpariyan is a small garden having a mesmerizing beauty. It is located in Islamabad near zero points at height of 1, meters from sea level. By standing in this garden you can catch a view of both Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Even so, a variety of Lavishing Greenery, Flowers, Plants enhances its beauty. Furthermore, the Sitting area, Kids play area, and snack bars are also available in the Park. Therefore, it is also one of the famous visiting places in Islamabad.

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Monal Restaurant is one of the best visiting places in Islamabad, where you can eat both local and western food with a delightful taste. Consequently, people love the food and surrounding enriched natural scenery. So, a fascinating place to dine. Indeed Simly Dam is a famous visiting place in Islamabad. Basically, is 80 meters high embankment dam present on the Soan River. Moreover, Simly Dam has a beautiful lake having crystal-clear water.

Therefore, it gives a breathtaking look when it becomes full in the rainy season. Visit Top ten travel destinations Best places in islamabad Pakistan to check the best visiting places in Pakistan. Golra Sharif Railway Museum is one of the famous visiting places in Islamabad. Basically, it is a place having some old photos and models of old railway stations in Pakistan. Hence, It is a small but beautiful museum with a polite and cooperative guiding staff.

It is present on Golra Sharif Railway Station which was established in during British Raj, as a part of this a junction was upgraded in Table of Contents. Author Recent Posts. Saima Batool. Writer at about. Latest posts by Saima Batool see all. Netflix Affiliate Program How to it?

Best places in islamabad

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