Dating a emotional man

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When you look for someone to date, do you gravitate toward the reserved type that does not show his emotions, do you look for someone that is so very in touch with his feelings that you are just amazed at how much he is willing to be open and share, or is there the happy medium that you are looking for in a man?

Contrary to popular belief, men have feelings.

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Being highly emotional is not a weakness but a strength. Men in touch with their emotions bring a Dating a emotional man to the table. Not only making the world a wonderful place, they offer the true definition of love and passion. Here are some things to remember if you are in love with an emotional person.

They are in touch with their feelings and thus they are conscious of the people that they try to let into their world. If you are accepted into their world you should know that they would want a relationship that is substantive with you, something that they can cherish and has some meaning to them. Emotional people are not afraid of giving a chance to love. They believe all relationships can be full of possibilities and things could become better. Even when they have been hurt and betrayed they will give love another chance. They are expressive. This can mean some creativity on their part when they show you how much they care for you.

So expect passionate expressions from them.

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This is because they are so in touch with their emotions they will only want to be in a relationship with someone who can relate with their strong emotions. They love to involve Dating a emotional man engage themselves in things Dating a emotional man love.

Average is not good enough for them. They want to find meaning and totality in the things they pursue. Through this they can feel validated and purposeful. They can relate with the emotions and feelings of others who are being hurt or facing down times. This will cause them to want to lend their support, well wishes and sympathies as far as it can make the other person feel better. They are honest about their feelings. This is because they are self-aware and completely in tune with their emotions. Even when things are not clear to them, they would endeavor to go on that journey to finding and discovering who they are.

For 8, 9, 10 and 11, head over to Post. The site is a little NSFW in its imagery, but it may end up one you'll revisit often. We've all met very different people that are more a zero lacking emotion and others that could be considered a 10 very full of emotion on the emotional scale.

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Which are you more comfortable being around? Does this list put the idea of an emotional man in a more positive light, rather than just the banal idea of being emotional, crying, overreacting, and loud? Is it being a little too picky if his emotional state is an item on which you're basing his date-abilty?

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Dating a emotional man

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