Defiance MO cheating wives

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By Bruce Friedman. These are common questions that lead to frequent misunderstandings about divorce and adultery laws in Missouri. Bad conduct, such as infidelity, can but will not always impact a case. Similarly, misconduct such as Defiance MO cheating wives can impact an award of maintenance although the law is less than clear as to the extent of the impact on a maintenance award.

Some may argue that the amount and duration of maintenance should be affected. However, case law would seem to suggest that despite ificant infidelity or other bad conduct, the duration of the award should not be affected. A few states have taken a different position on this issue, particularly in cases involving extreme financial misconduct such as embezzlement.

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If there has been ificant infidelity or other serious misconduct a judge would, in theory, have the discretion to lower the amount. As always, it is important to discuss the facts of your case with an experienced family law attorney in order to decide what investigation should be undertaken into this emotional area and whether or not the facts of your case may impact the outcome whether by trial or negotiation.

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Defiance MO cheating wives

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