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Kent is known as the garden of England — a somewhat dubious monicker given the weather variations — but at the beginning of this summer with a heatwave scorching all and sundry my 29 year-old wife Lucy and I visited friends down there. After one particularly heavy night and with our friends having family commitments, the following day Lucy and I took a bus into the lush green countryside and decided to make our way back to the town via the many country pubs and beer gardens.

We made smalltalk with Richard and Chloe- a tall brunette with a very fine figure, full in all the right places I ascertained with my many glances down at her chest straining her tight white vest-top. He was an amiable bloke who worked in the city but had taken the weekend off to come down to Kent in pursuit of their Dogging sex story. They were a pair who attracted plenty of unsolicited male attention from the surrounding tables.

Because of the heat, Lucy wore a fitted red T-shirt which clung to her prominent 36C tits and a white pair of shorts, finishing halfway down her long thighs. Her tight little ass swayed provocatively as she sauntered into the bar. Lucy just sat with a blank expression and a question in her eyes as Richard found amusement in my reaction.

Richard laughed. He was a rugged guy, about my height — just under six feet — with a touch of grey around Dogging sex story dark temples. I reckoned he was mid-late thirties, while Chloe was more our age; late twenties. Chloe arrived back with drinks before Richard chose to give Lucy and Dogging sex story. Instead, he told Chloe what was up and she beamed at Lucy. Well, we all meet up in car parks, and, well, things can get exciting, you know? Like, maybe some people will have sex and others get off watching, or sometimes in.

Lucy looked mindblown. She had been quite reserved about sex — I think I was only the third guy to ever see her naked, and the second to screw her. The odd one out, carnally, would have been her doctor. That was when we married. You never thought about trying it? Reckoned it was only old geezers and strange loners who did it. No offence, you know? Lo of young folk doing it for a laugh now. Lucy started to ask questions, seemingly fascinated. Most were directed at Chloe, lo about the men, what they did. Then Richard made my heart race like no man ever has — or, given my red-blooded hetero-ness, I thought possible!

You can just watch the antics. He was driving.

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My mouth went dry. I looked cautiously at Lucy. She was stumped for an excuse. Fancy being a couple of interested observers for the evening? Chloe egged her on as well, telling her what a kink it was to see people acting all horny. I Dogging sex story my beer and locked eyes with Lucy as she downed her vodka. She just raised her brows and got up with a nervous smile. It was the way into some country park and opened up into a grove half the size of a football pitch; a little carpark, enclosed by trees and lit warmly by the evening sun.

To my surprise there were a good half-dozen other cars there. Richard paused, asking Chloe where she wanted to go. She pointed over to a flatbed jeep which appeared to have some people in conversation around it. He drove over slowly, pulling up alongside. I leaned over and admit I too got a shock as a burst of adrenalin shot through me. What was so interesting them was the fact that this attractive blonde thirtysomething had her skirt rucked up around her waist and her legs splayed wide apart with no panties to be seen.

What was on display was a smooth-shaven pussy, lips swollen and reddened, her winking slit glistening with juices caught in the evening sunlight. Her man had her top lifted and was rolling a pair of very stiff nipples in his fingers while he kneaded her small tits and watched on. The wankers shot our vehicle a few anxious glances but soon relaxed, even briskened their strokes, when they caught sight of Lucy and Chloe at the windows. The blonde wore a glazed look as she gazed at us with hooded Dogging sex story.

One hand strayed to her pussy and her fingers got busy. Now and then I heard the juicy retort of a horny pussy being fingered. Here come some more. I saw figures approaching. Two blokes moving independently of each other, and a couple. Then another car drew up on the opposite side of the jeep from us; a top-of-the-range Merc. I saw a Dogging sex story classy lady gaze out at the scene, her exquisite, defined features, make-up and general appearance speaking volumes.

The car door opened to reveal her sitting side-saddle, facing out wearing a dark fitted pencil-skirt. I was pretty shocked to note her black blouse was open, her lacy bra supporting a couple of rosy-nippled breasts that were free of their cups. Her husband reached round her and slowly began to raise her skirt. The wankers switched their attentions between the jeep and the Merc. If the two women had any qualms about audience Dogging sex story, they were soon assuaged by the arrival of the two new guys from across the carpark.

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Lucy giggled, but I recognised the s of attraction. Each guy looked pretty fit, groomed, although they were strangers to one another. One of them stopped right at Mrs. No shortage of confidence as he unbuttoned his flies and took out a hardening length of meat. Lucy gaped again in shock, but tinged with interest.

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The second guy lingered at the back of the jeep, looking over at the Merc and at us. A large bloke, looking like a bodybuilder gone a bit to seed, and the girl a slim brunette with a short bob and a cute, tan face. She had a little bra-top on holding a fine pair of bobbing tits and a matching white mini-skirt and sandals. Being a bit of a leg man I was pleased to note a toned Dogging sex story of pins carrying that appetising frame. Then, to my delight and surprise, she knelt, pulled out his fat cock and began to suck whilst watching the guys wank only feet from her face.

The big bloke reached down and freed her fine high tits for our delectation and I rubbed myself slyly as they began to judder whilst she blew him. In the Merc, that refined lady was losing a bit of her dignity as her skirt rose to reveal a fine full pussy, neatly shaved Dogging sex story leave only a brown landing strip above a puffy slit.

Her hubby began to finger it and she groaned loudly.

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The newcoming young guy had his dick at full mast and beat it furiously. She responded by opening her legs to allow full sight of her flushed cunt. Lucy actually recoiled a bit in shock, bumping into me. Of course, my cock was rock-hard and she felt it prod her back. She looked round, shocked, but it melted into a wicked grin. Chloe Dogging sex story the door open fully and was gaining some attention. Another single guy had appeared round her side of the car. He seemingly only had eyes for her and was in the act of extracting his member.

On the jeep flatbed, the guy moved into the doggy position and started to hump the blonde.

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Her little tits shuddered delightfully as he pounded into her. She reached out and grabbed one. I wanted — badly — to see what she was getting up to in the passenger seat. So did Lucy. Her nipples were surprisingly small in comparison to her abundant tit-flesh — two little brown caps, but hard as studs. Then Richard hauled her denim mini right up.

She wore a pair of lace panties, high-cut, tantalisingly see-through in places. But Dogging sex story then I settled for the over-the shoulder shot. Lucy just about choked in shock as Chloe ordered the guy.

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He stepped up with a grin as wide as the big blue sky above and did as she asked.

Dogging sex story

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