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View All ». Lou has a passion and gift for holistic healing, including traditional chiropractic services, holistic services, and holistic nutrition. His unique ability to treat the body as a whole, and on the cellular level, routinely in ificantly improved health and feelings of overall wellness for his patients.

More from Dr. Louis Granirer. No illness is Dr louis granirer relentless in pain and discomfort as it gets more extreme than the chronic disease of Rheumatoid Arthritis. This disease attacks the ts, and if left untreated, causes severe disfigurement. The digestive system assists the body in absorbing required nutrients and eliminating waste. Any problems to this crucial system can lead to pain or discomfort. However, there are natural, holistic healing remedies that can eliminate digestive disorders, tackling the underlying cause of the problem instead of masking it.

Nutritional Response Testing is a great holistic healing remedy to deal with digestive disorders. Many have heard the term before, but what exactly does nutrition response testing, or NRT, mean? What is involved, and what is determined by this type of physiological test? Let's get straight to some answers to these frequently asked questions about this particular matter of modern day holistic healthcare.

Parasites are diverse groups of infective organisms that use different strategies to infect their hosts. Parasites are not only known to infect humans, they are also ever-present among animal groups and plants. Some parasites are found in the external parts of the body, while others can thrive on the inside, usually in the intestinal tracts.

Different Dr louis granirer have very different reactions to stress. Usually when you think of stress you probably think of the psychological, more emotional symptoms. Stress often causes people to feel anxious, overwhelmed and tense. Being stressed out isn't much fun. And then there are other people who never seem to worry and stressful things just bounce off of them. When one speaks of "holistic nutrition" the definition conjures up visions of a dynamic fusion between "holistic" - meaning, essentially, "to heal" - and the organic and functional relationship between different parts of the body What this comes down to is how the body needs to make changes to fuel it properly - and that's where sciences such as Dr louis granirer nutritional counseling come in.

Have you ever had a trauma or injury to an area of the body and like clockwork, it reemerges time and time again?

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Sometimes, this may happen from a seemingly low stressor that re-aggregates a injury. Low back pain or ankle injuries are probably the most common injuries in the general population that reemerge or become chronic. Why when we think something is healed and the pain is gone, can it rear its ugly head over and over again.

Flexion distraction is a therapy used by chiropractors. It is Dr louis granirer used to treat patients in chronic pain who have not responded well to other treatments. Mainly used for chronic neck pain and back pain, it has become known as the best alternative to back surgery. It Dr louis granirer a special type of spinal manipulation to decompress the spinal discs.

The back is a particularly complex part of our human anatomy. This area of the body requires flexibility, strength, and a support system. Naturally, the spine is that exact component, perfect for making the back function the way we need it to. And like any other part of the body, the spine and back can encounter problems and suffer damage.

When this happens, depending on the cause, the can be completely debilitating. So, what is one of the most common spinal injuries?

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The herniated disc is simply one of our most susceptible back injuries. It can have the potential to be one of the most crippling. Perhaps you've heard the media inundation about cholesterol and the many prescription drugs ready to help deal with it. Maybe you or someone you know has a cholesterol issue and you are here to get some useful information.

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Or, maybe you just simply want to know more about this big-name health concern. If so, you're at the right place. In this Dr louis granirer I cover simple and natural tips for lowering cholesterol, or managing it. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman's life. She is growing another human being inside her body. Unfortunately, this period also comes with a lot of aches and pains. So much so that many women can find it hard to walk by the time, they are 28 weeks. Before the pain becomes severe, you will want to take the time to contact a prenatal chiropractor who can manipulate your body, easing the symptoms.

Once more, the chilly winter months are here. A lot of us tend to hibernate during this time, since the most popular outdoor activities tend to be more tough to partake in. Many of us are usually determined to keep active by means of jogging, biking, snowboarding, winter camping, etc. I have noticed, in my 10 years in practice, that there is a rise in the amount of men and women coming into the office this time of year, complaining of discomfort linked to pinched nerves.

Non celiac gluten intolerance is Dr louis granirer a serious issue igniting constant inflammation within the body. The inflammation will be brought on by the immunity process targeting the gluten.

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Generally, the immune system makes antibodies for the gluten. It views the gluten as being a harmful bacteria, disease, or unwanted inclusion in the human body and goes into a mania to eradicate it. Every time our body encounters gluten, which often can be many times every day in the regular American diet, the immune system is activated.

This generates persistent inflammation that le to chronic disease processes and a whole host of symptoms. The majority of of us will go see our doctor any time we are ill with something such as the flu, which usually is a reactionary process dependent on a serious health problem. Ironically, we will probably use our Health Insurance Coverage in order to pay for the doctor visit. Health insurance is an example of a preventative action we plan for when we end up being sick. How often do we travel to our doctor when we are not feeling ill?

Sometimes there is confusion as to what services a Chiropractor provides, and what Alternative Medicine is. If you ask people, you may get different answers. This article sheds some light on the education, qualifications, and what Chiropractic Services are, and how they can potentially help you improve your health and wellbeing.

There are many techniques in the practical use of AK, and the starting point when a New York City chiropractor explains Applied Kinesiology AK may differ slightly from that of a homeopath, for instance. However, the basic fundamentals of this alternative form of increasing well being Dr louis granirer the same for all who uses this health evaluating system.

The nervous system is considered the master control and communication system of the body, and Dr louis granirer with the endocrine system, it is responsible for regulating and maintaining body homeostasis. One of the functions of the nervous system is to cause a response called motor Dr louis granirer, which activates our muscles in response to sensory Dr louis granirer received by the nervous system. An example of this would be like seeing a stop while driving and putting your foot on the brake pedal in response.

Nutrition Response Testing is a healing technique based on the concept that your body knows what is wrong with it. By testing muscle strength and weakness, a unique holistic nutritional profile can be created, and treated with the right nutrients to improve body function on the cellular level. Please report Dr. Home » Expert Authors » Dr. in. Author Alerts: Get notified by when new articles are written by Dr. Louis Granirer! About Dr. Search Search Articles By Dr. What Is Holistic Nutrition? What Is Flexion Distraction? What is Kinesiology Muscle Testing?

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