Elfa shelving installation

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Elfa shelving systems ROCK! My project is really not that involved, relative to some of the other projects that other ORC participants have taken on.

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But working at this lightening-fast pace has rreeeaaally taken me out of my comfort zone. You can also read all about the de plans HERE.

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From the moment the idea for a homework room was conceived in my head, I envisioned an Elfa system that included a wall with built-in adjacent desks coupled with rows of shelving. So I took a trip to the local Container Store and — with the help of one of their Elfa deers — brought my vision to life:. Elfa shelving installation you meet with a deer, have your measurements handy, as well as some photos of the space where you plan to install your storage system.

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After I fleshed out the details of my de with my deer, I was able to purchase all of the components and take them home during my visit. Truth be told: I made my trip to the Container Store several weeks ago. Our final de consisted of three rows of Birch decor shelveswith coordinating birch desk tops. We chose white standards and brackets to coordinate with the white finish of the furniture that will live the soon-to-be craft zone.

We also included a set of white mesh drawers in the de for Elfa shelving installation all of those random office supplies that every good homework station needs. I even went the extra mile and purchased the custom mesh drawer dividers and drawer label holders.

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Big props to the Container Store for their attention to detail and their uber-organized packaging methods. They really do make installation a breeze with the detailed written instructions they provide with your order pick up, and their online DIY video tutorials. Rather outsource the installation? They do offer installation services. Brian is the mastermind who figured out the optimal placement for the top track, based on:.

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One of the many great features of Elfa storage systems is the fact that the ONLY component that gets secured to your wall is the top track. Once the top track is secured, the next step in the process is to hang the uprights. Elfa shelving installation attention to bracket size as you work through this process. Brian went for instant gratification and chose to install the drawers first. Once the brackets were installed, he attached the drawer frames, then dropped the mesh drawers into the frames. Brian repeated the process of placing brackets and locking in shelving pieces for each row of shelving.

In order to determine the height of each row of shelving, we brought in a few standard size storage containers and placed the shelves at a height that provided sufficient clearance for the containers. The good news is that the shelving height can be easily adjusted if need be. It is an amazing thing to see your vision come to life! I still need to fine tune things with the addition Elfa shelving installation drawer dividers, labels and perhaps an Elfa utility board above each desk.

But they ARE in investment in your happiness! The materials are high-quality and extremely durable. And with the wide variety of Elfa accessoriesyou can really create a custom storage system that functions exactly how you need it to. So, they already had a grudge against the chairs I selected before they ever crossed the threshold. But once we assembled these, they quickly changed their tune!

Of course my son is requesting caster wheels on his chair. Check this box to save your name, and website in this browser for the next time you comment. By doing so, you submit that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Thanks for sharing these great tips on how to install Elfa shelving from the container store… always love seeing tips and tricks Elfa shelving installation a real-life perspective. Saw this post over at the Snickerdoodle link party!

Love your finished workspace!!! Do you find there is enough personal desk space for each person? Also, what are the depth of your shelves? Did you use the actual Decor desktops or the Decor shelves for your desk? If you used the Decor desktops, does the color of the Sand melamine inlay match the Birch shelf color? If you used a Decor shelf Elfa shelving installation the desktop how does it hold up to a student using the surface for writing.

Thank you. Julia — The desk space served as a homework station for each of my. The desk space has been more than adequate for my. We used the actual decor desktops not shelves. The tops of them are a different material than the sand melamine which threw me at firstbut they coordinate just fine.

Fastforward almost 3 years later and the desktops still look brand new. Your best bet is to work with a Container Store Elfa Deer either in store or online. They were super helpful in fleshing out my final de. Oh my Elfa shelving installation, thanks Shanice! For a little sweat equity and the cost of the stencil, you too can create a similar focal wall. for the info. Oh I love the way this looks.

I was worried about adding shelves over my stenciled wall that it would look too busy but you have really proven that it works. Awwww, thanks Tim!! Feedback like this helps to keep moving the needle forward on this space….

Love it! I am still drooling over your stenciled wall — it is that cool. And the desk and storage system looks great floating over it. Ok, the photo of your stenciled wall and new Elfa storage stopped me in my tracks. I had no idea it was only attached at the top.

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Thanks a million Rachel! As far as the wall system shifting, the answer is No I know, surprising, right?

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Take the plunge! Search the Site Search this website. Comments Thanks for sharing these great tips on how to install Elfa shelving from the container store… always love seeing tips and tricks from a real-life perspective. Elfa shelving installation am so obsessed with this space. That wallpaper is everything. Perfectly perfect! You are too kind Kristen! As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Elfa shelving installation

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