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If you want a happy life, tie it to a goal, not people or things. Behind every great fortune there is a crime. I have always noticed that people will not laugh at anything that is not based on truth. July is here - the month of freedom and great hope Most certainly folks will recognize several if not all the baseball guys. And the building being built in the other pic is also rather evident. I will get back to these things in the future. I did a foolish thing and moved a rather heavy chest to fix something a plug while alone and really hurt the thigh muscles the leg that was healing nicely.

What I do know, however, is that very few of the band members were actually members of the Grand Army of the Republic. Nonetheless, it's a wonderful photograph. Persons of character are necessary components of our daily existence. They are the salt and pepper on our scrambled eggs — the catsup on our fries. They are the spice on what might otherwise be our rather humdrum daily lives.

When I was in the Army we had a fella from Haiti in our unit who, when not in uniform, wore tennis shoes sans shoestrings. He pulled the shoe tongues out Fuck club Berlin Heights Ohio il painted odd, but colorful pictures on them for decorations. He was what one might consider being a character: a person who most certainly marched to the beat of his own drummer — however distant. Vermilion has also had its fair share of such folks in the yesteryear — some I knew, some I did not, but heard about because few could forget them. For instance, there was once an elderly lady with the elegant name of Sophia who day and night, summer or winter always seemed to be wearing a ratty old greatcoat.

Sophia liked the movies. She also liked to dine. While most people would go to a restaurant, have a meal and then go to the theatre; Sophia would go to the restaurant, order something Fuck club Berlin Heights Ohio il a roast chicken dinner to go, put it under her coat, go to the movie and eat while she watched Clark Gabel and Lauren Becall on the silver screen. Perhaps she carried her own silverware. And who could forget Wally. Wally was a true fan of local sports back in the late s and 60s. To my knowledge he seldom missed a game home or away; rain or shine. No matter where a game was being played he managed to get there and get back home.

And if one ever wanted to know anything — anything at all — about local sports, players or the coaches Wally had the scoop. Then there was the lady who apparently never got undressed because she always wore at least two garments at a time.

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When she needed Fuck club Berlin Heights Ohio il new garment she simply removed the top one and added the new. It should be noted that none of these persons were financially lacking nor weak minded. They were just what else? One of my very favorite characters was a Bostonian transplant to Vermilion named George. I seriously doubt that anyone could dislike this man.

But in Vermilion he lived alone. Moreover, George liked to help people — and he did so without anyone ever having to ask him. If the windows on a restaurant for instance needed washing, he washed them. If a floor needed sweeping, he swept it. In short, he had a very positive attitude about most everything. And then, of course, there was Louise. Louise was an unabashed critic of John Barleycorn devotees, and was so blatantly open and honest about her several husbands it would have been embarrassing were it not so insightfully funny.

But more than that she was a serious talent.

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She was a professional musician who played the piano in saloons and lounges throughout Ohio entertaining some of the very folks whose infatuation with alcohol she found detestable. She was, in short, a delightful character. I think you will find them both interesting and fun After this the band concerts will be given the Thursday evenings instead of Wednesday evenings. This change has been made partly owing to the fact Mr. Ackley cannot be here and Wednesday evenings on of playing elsewhere during the summer season. It is also impossible for some of the members to be present on that evening.

The concerts are being well attended and we believe generally appreciated by the public. Several of the new members are now playing with the band. Come out and enjoy the music next Thursday evening. Come early as the concerts begin at sharp.

Nuhn who has been in the grocery business for several years in the store formerly run by Pelton and McGraw has disposed of his business to Mr. Trinter and Unser who have taken charge. Nuhn contemplates going to California where he has a brother in the fall. We wish him success in whatever business he may engage. The new firm start with all the prospects of success and have the best wishes of the community. Pelton has just received a new Motor Buggy, which he purchased in Chicago and Juliet a few weeks ago. It is a 12 horsepower air cooled, gasoline motor, high wheeled vehicle which is said to be an excellent Fuck club Berlin Heights Ohio il for use in town and country ro.

The Vermilion G. There will be many other attractions including a fine display of fireworks in the evening. Peter Callan has been appointed Marshal since H. Baldwin reed. He is has begun his work by a thorough house cleaning of the jail. Electric lights have been placed in the jail also. In the case of J.

Zesiger vs. There are at present saloons and Erie County including those at Cedar point and Fuck club Berlin Heights Ohio il the steamers Arrow and Kirby. A new schedule goes into effect in the Lakeshore Electric Railway on July 1st. The timecard shows additional limited and local service on all divisions of the road, planned to meet the heavy summer traffic which the road always enjoys on of its fortunate situation at the waters edge of Lake Erie, where there are so many beach resorts, camping grounds and amusement places.

A feature of the service to be inaugurated on July 1st is the through hourly service between Sandusky in Mansfield run in conjunction with the Sandusky, Norwalk and Mansfield Road. This not only gives an increase service for Milan and Norwalk but provides through car service without change between Mansfield, Shelby and Fairfield with the Cedar Point resort at Sandusky. The first car for Mansfield leaves Sandusky at 5 A. The 9 o'clock car runs to Fairfield, the 10 P.

One additional limited car will run between Cleveland and Sandusky leaving Cleveland at P. There will be added local service between Sandusky and Fremont, each limited car being followed by a local. The last car for Fremont will leave Sandusky at PM. Andrew Mauer was taken to the Lorain hospital the first of the week where he will be operated on for tumor. On Tuesday William G Brown the prominent Fuck club Berlin Heights Ohio il highly respected citizen of Henrietta disappeared mysteriously.

The last seen or heard of him was when he boarded the eastbound car. His family is very anxious concerning him. Amherst, June 28 — Positive identification Hartmann Holzhzhauer the man who disappeared from here, leaving a suicide announcement came from Pittsfield Saturday evening. While he was not seen by anyone who is acquainted with him, the perfect description of hit his rather odd appearance is believed to leave no reason for Fuck club Berlin Heights Ohio il.

Further than this he was inquiring the way to Amherst and seemed to be dazed or insane that the manner frightened several people with whom he talked. After inquiring of several persons the way to Amherst he was finally directed to a Green Line car and told the change in Elyria for Amherst. Pieced with this story is the evidence of Oberlin parties that he alighted in that village thinking it was Elyria and inquired for the Amherst car.

From that point he disappeared again. It will be remembered that Holzhauer left his family in Amherst on Wednesday, June 16 and has not been seen since. He has been acting strangely and it is generally believed that he went insane and has been wandering in the in the fields and woods ever since. He left a note scratched on the corncrib with a nail saying that he would be soon be at the bottom of the lake. Many friends of W. Washburn, who had been so seriously ill will be glad to learn that he is very much better enable to get out again.

Chris Huldeman who so seriously injured by falling from the Nickel Plate bridge a few weeks ago is reported on the gain and the family hope to bring home in a few weeks. Church Note: As the weather was rather threatening here there were not many present as expected but all seem to enjoy the program by the strict attention the church being very nicely decorated for the occasion.

Ladrach has such a large crop of cherries and as he can't find time to pick them had a couple young folks do so at night as the heat of the sun is somewhat diminished at that hour. A son in the family of Virgil Gunn and a daughter in that of the B. Mungus were added to our population last week. Last Thursday morning while bathing Russell Lavoo, the seven-year-old son of Mr.

George Lavoo got beyond the depth and was drowned. The funeral was held Saturday. His parents have the sympathy of the community. I was wonder if you have more pictures or info related to this boat.

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They are still about. If I can direct them to you when I am in contact with them I will. They are searching for classmates far and wide. Susan Backus is heading this up. They also have a Facebook : Class of Sometime during the latter portion of the s a rebellious young woman from Berlin Heights, Ohio named Cordelia Benschoter b. Her fellow Berliners likely thought her a bit eccentric.

Fuck club Berlin Heights Ohio il

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