How to keep your boyfriend from leaving you

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A lot of women are going through the emotional discomfort of having to deal with partners who want to quit the relationship. This situation can be quite traumatizing and uncomfortable because most women do not know how to approach situations like this. What else does he need? More time or commitment? Even after How to keep your boyfriend from leaving you have tried everything you think this person needs?

You may not know this, but, not every failed relationship is irreparablesome guys just need a little convincing and maybe even a change in character. Want to know how? Chasing a man is never an option when it comes to this kind of situation. Therefore, one of the ways to hold him down if he wants to leave is not to chase him or act desperate. This will send a strong al to him that you know your worth, and you are not hopeless or cheap. Apparently, there are several reasons why your man would want to leave in the first place.

It is your responsibility to find out what these reasons are and how it can be addressed. Giving him a listening ear when he is venting out his displeasure is crucial. Listening will provide you with in-depth knowledge as to why he might want to leave the relationship. Everyone loves the right surprise package. In this situation, it would be helpful to think creatively about something he would like and surprise him with it. Even though you think he may not need it, giving this person a gift may just soften his heart.

This surprise might buy you some time to figure out your next move. You know this person more than I do, what does he like? Better still, think of something thoughtful, it could even be an experience both of you shared early in the relationship.

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Among the many things that a man wants in a lady, one of the most important is peace of mind. As a woman, you should be a source of peace to your man. If it gets to that point where he wants to leave, nagging about it, or starting a fight is not going to make things better. Instead, it would help if you looked for ways to show him how much peace he can get from staying with you. Be calm, pay attention to his needs, and be subtle in your response to him. Being your best self means being the best you can, emotionally and physically.

Men are by nature visual beings; they get attracted How to keep your boyfriend from leaving you physical appearance a lot. So, if you want your man to stay, you have to look good and act even better. Keep him wanting more anytime he looks at you. Let him feel needy each time the thought of you comes to his mind.

Maybe hit the gym, start keeping fit, and eating a healthy diet. In the same regard, being emotionally stable is also a necessity. This involves taking care of your emotional issues and not letting mood swings and negative moods push him away. Pride has engineered the fall of many relationships because people want respect. Therefore, if you intend to make him change his mind on this, you should swallow your pride, apologize, and show remorse for your mistakes when necessary.

Some people have different preferences when it comes to care and affection. How about you start loving him the way he prefers? This might cause him to stay in the relationship. One way to learn how your partner prefers to be loved is to pay attention to how he shows you affection. Is he a loud type? Is he into public displays of affection? Or does he like giving gifts? There are, in fact, several steps you can take to stop your man from leaving you, and they include communicating your feelings to him by telling him how much you love and cherish him.

How to keep your boyfriend from leaving you, let him know how much he means to you. Furthermore, face your fears of losing him, and finally, love yourself first, then you can love him better. These tips will help you stay above depression at this challenging moment. More so, you can plan a surprise package for him, be the best of yourself, and do not chase or act desperate if he decides to leave.

It should never get to a point where you bring yourself that low to begging and pleading with a guy to stay with you. However, if he insists on walking away, let him go. Do not convince him to say, there will always be a better option for you as soon as he walks out the door. There is a possibility that people who walked out of a relationshiplater on, realized how much their partner meant to them. Therefore, do not worry when he walks out of your life; he will eventually miss you and want to come back. Distance, they say, makes the heart grow fonder.

Walking away should trigger some nostalgic feelings in him, which would make him come back to you. However, this is solely dependent on the situation that warranted the break-up in the first place. If you cheated on him, betrayed him, or verbally abused him, it might be more challenging for him to come back. I believe I have effectively answered lots of mind-boggling questions in your mind about making your man stay.

The essence of this article is to help you keep your man without bringing yourself low in the process. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do you go begging and convince him to stay? Or do you ignore him and let him have his way? Please give him a listening ear 1.

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Surprise him with a gift 1. Be his peace 1. Be your best self 1.

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Respect him 1. Cherish him 2 FAQs 2.

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How do you stop him from leaving? How can I make him stay? Should I convince him to stay? Will he come back if I leave him alone? Is Will walking away make him come back? Related Content.

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How to keep your boyfriend from leaving you

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