Iles de la madeleine

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Winter morphs the archipelago into a postcard-perfect picture of Canadian wildlife, hosting harp seals and their pups on snowy shores. Summer shines on the isles' red cliff-ringed beaches and windswept, pastoral landscapes. Year-round, a warm welcome always awaits from the madelinotsthe proud descendants of shipwreck survivors serenading you with traditional island tunes. See the best of this unique Canadian archipelago! Opt for tour packages for unique experiences like admiring adorable harp seal pups, savouring the islands' best seafood, or kayaking around Parc de Gros-Cap.

Plus, all our packages include top hotels like the Chateau Madelinot! The islands are mainly populated by the descendants of Acadian refugees who were removed from the Maritimes by the British and shipwreck survivors. Pick this option to fly in, pick up your car and go! Where to? Check-in 29 Oct. Choose your departure date. Check-out 05 Nov. Choose your return date. Economy Premium Economy Business Class. Children Child age on return date. If you would like to include one or more children under the age of 2 years old, please call us at 1 to complete your booking.

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Iles de la madeleine

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