Is cocaine a depressant

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Drugs can be classified in many ways. One of the most common and useful ways of classifying a drug is by the effect that it has on a person's central nervous system. The brain is the major part of the central nervous system, and this is where psycho-active drugs have their main effect. The below sub-section summarises the major classifications of drugs including stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens.

The group 'others' includes those psycho-active drugs that do not fit neatly in any other category. Some drugs can be classified in a ofe. These drugs often result in the user feeling more alert and more energetic. Examples include: Amphetamines Cocaine Pseudoephidrine found in medications such as Sudafed, Codral Cold and Flu Nicotine Caffeine Top of Depressants also known as relaxants Tend to slow down the activity of the CNS, which often in the user feeling less pain, more relaxed and sleepy. These symptoms may be noticeable when a drug is taken in large amounts. It is important to note that the term 'depressant' is used to describe Is cocaine a depressant effect on the CNS, not mood.

CNS depressants are more likely to result in euphoria than depression, especially in moderate use.

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Examples include: Alcohol Major tranquillisers Benzodiazepines e. Valium, Temazepam Opioids heroin, morphine Volatile substances can also be classified as 'other' glue, petrol, and paint. Hallucinogens Have the ability to alter a user's sensory perceptions by distorting the messages carried in the CNS. A common example is LSD trips.

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Hallucinogens alter one's perceptions and states of consciousness. Examples include: LSD Psilocybin magic mushrooms Mescaline peyote cactus Other Includes psycho-active drugs that do not fit neatly into one of the otherbut which are clearly psycho-active, such as antidepressants e. Zoloft and mood stabilisers e. However they are usually considered primarily as CNS stimulants and depressants respectively, as these effects are almost always present.

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Table of contents Section A. Section B. Topic 2: Introduction to how drugs work. Topic 3: Classifying drugs. Topic 4: How psycho-active drugs act on the body.

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Topic 5: How drugs move through the body. Topic 6: Drug effects. Topic 7: Effects of specific psycho-active drugs. Topic 8: Key issues in pharmacology. Topic 9: Managing overdose. Topic Management of withdrawal. Topic Reducing drug-related harm.

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Is cocaine a depressant

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Is Cocaine a Stimulant?