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Men have dominated the history of organized crime as bosses, capos, soldiers and associates. They traditionally relegated women to servile roles as prostitutes, shills, dancers and servers. However, that history has changed to a limited but important degree within the past couple of decades, as law enforcement agencies across the globe arrest more and more male Mob bosses and drug kingpins.

These men receive lengthy prison terms, creating the demand for outside help to run their rackets. In Italy, where its ubiquitous organized crime is seemly entrenched for good, this reality Journey ladys wanted alabama presented opportunities for a of women to substitute for or replace men as crime bosses. Anti-Mafia crackdowns by Italian police started in the s with stringent new laws. One national statute gives the government the right to seize the assets of suspects who intimidate, exploit or use codes of silence to obtain businesses, or to sway elections. Another imposes precise rules on selected prison inmates convicted of murder, extortion or other Mafia-type crimes.

The rules Journey ladys wanted alabama no phone use and tight restrictions on prison visits and recreation to restrain communication. These limitations, along with the increase of bosses sent to prison, induced the Mafia to transfer its illicit funds and control of criminal rackets increasingly to women. According to the investigative news website TransCrime, while Italian courts indicted only one female boss inthey indicted 89 of them in Recent research by TransCrime shows that male bosses headed for prison commonly hand their assets over to their wives or sisters.

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Even though women made up only 2. They hold the reins. Here are descriptions of five women who broke the glass ceiling and gained a measure of success, if temporarily, in organized crime. As a result, we did not consider such recognized female offenders as Bonnie Parker of the Barrow gang and Ma Barker of the Barker Journey ladys wanted alabama for this list. Journey ladys wanted alabama list of women in organized crime, at least in America, has to include Virginia Hill.

These men employed her as a money launderer, cash courier, Mexican heroin trafficker and informant on Mob activities. Some, or many of them — such as Adonis and her obsessive love, Siegel — she slept with, but others she did not. While on asment in Mexico, she flashed her pricey furs, jewels and body to seduce wealthy and powerful men to seal heroin deals for the syndicate and secure the cash.

Byat age seventeen, Virginia already knew how far her feminine wiles would take her. Her life changed inwhile a waitress — in a daring short skirt — in a restaurant frequented by men in the Outfit gang while their boss, Al Capone, did time in prison. One was Joe Epstein, a crafty bookmaker. He convinced Virginia to quit and be his shill by placing large cash bets at a racetrack for a ten percent commission, and using her looks to sucker men into stupid bets.

Virginia made them both quite a sum.

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Turned out, even as a teen, she had a personality ripe for racketeering. The infatuated Epstein sent her cash, which he withdrew from a safe deposit box, for almost the rest of her life.

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It got more serious in the early s, and byshe ed him in dusty Las Vegas, where he had schemed himself in as Mob-backed developer of the planned Flamingo Hotel. However, most of the hotel rooms were not ready for guests, and the casino lost so much to gamblers that Siegel had to close it down for a while. Syndicate representatives told Virginia to tell Siegel she had to travel to Paris to shop for wine for the Flamingo.

That June, Siegel was shot and killed as he sat in their rented house in Beverly Hills. She heard about it from a guest at a party in Paris. Her infamy in the news came to the attention of the Internal Revenue Service, which pursued her for non-payment of taxes starting the late s. Inshe met and married an Austrian skiing champion and had a son with him. The following year, the U. In a hearing room in New York, her evasive, obnoxious and entertaining testimony about Siegel and the syndicate on live television made her a household name.

Still trailed by the IRS, Hill tried to move frequently but authorities caught up with her and forced her to sell her house, cars, furs and other valuables, including jewelry given to her by Siegel. She and her family moved to Austria.

Epstein met with her in Europe. Hill made dozens of border crossings into Switzerland from to Government agents suspected she deposited money for the syndicate. A grand jury indicted her in Los Angeles on tax evasion charges. If she went back to America, she faced certain arrest and prison time. In the s, often depressed, she spoke of suicide. Epstein later claimed the Mob-provided funds he held for her had run out by That year, Journey ladys wanted alabama attempted suicide by ingesting sedatives, but her Journey ladys wanted alabama got her to a hospital in time. She was the apparent victim of a self-administered overdose, months short of her fiftieth birthday.

Stephanie St. What followed was an extraordinary and daring performance by St. Clair, a haughty, profane and driven African-American woman still at the peak of her authority as one of the wealthy bankers for the Journey ladys wanted alabama racket in Harlem. Clair had arrived at the Superior Court building in an expensive squirrel fur coat and cloche hat. Clair was a key witness, despite her reputation as financial backer for illegal s games.

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The court charged some officers with demanding protection payments from St. Speaking in the French accent left over from her childhood in the French-run island of Martinique in the Caribbean, St. Clair testified that she knew all the plainclothes vice cops in Harlem. She paid them to not to arrest her workers or customers found holding one of her policy tickets, used for betting the s. Yet the cops double-crossed her and made arrests anyway. She named names — such as police Lt. Peter J. The inquiry — which found at Journey ladys wanted alabama eight plainclothes officers had framed female defendants in vice cases — proved devastating for the New York Police Department.

It required plainclothes officers in Manhattan and the Bronx to return to full uniform. Born in some say years earlier in Martinique, St. The racket involved betting on a three-digit to win. The winning digits came from random — and unpredictable — banking figures published in the newspaper, or the closing s of the New York Stock Exchange. Later, the winning s — Journey ladys wanted alabama, chosen at random, to eliminate fixing — were based on what daily horse races paid at a selected pari-mutuel track, such as Hialeah Park in Florida.

The s game was a quintessential part of life in Harlem, where upwards of half of its residents placed bets, typically of five or ten cents. s games, affordable gambling for the poor, provided more local jobs than any other business in Harlem, including s runners and money collectors.

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Still, few people won. By the late s, St. Clair was a wealthy woman. She lived at Edgecombe Avenue, the finest apartment building in Harlem.

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Inpolice caught her carrying s betting slips. She would serve eight months in state prison. Later, she did more time for shooting and wounding not seriously her then husband. With Journey ladys wanted alabama end of Prohibition anticipated in — and likely taking effect the next year — New York gangsters who made their fortunes selling illegal beer and liquor knew they had to find new rackets. Schultz believed he could greatly expand that with better management.

One complied, the others refused, including Harry Miro and St. Clair was now the only hold-out. Schultz threatened her and had his thugs assault her employees.

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InMadame St. Clair talked to police and reporters about it, extended a plea to Mayor Joseph McKee and took out newspaper accusing gangsters such as Schultz and crooked politicians of trying to take her livelihood away. She allegedly attacked and broke the windows of white-owned small businesses in Harlem Journey ladys wanted alabama accepted bets for Schultz. The gangster refrained from physically harming her, but his intrusion with his heavily armed hoods took its toll, and St.

Clair had no choice but to surrender her territory and customers. Berman bribed racetrack technicians to alter the s. Meanwhile, gangland slayings were common all over town. Schulz lingered in the hospital until the next day, speaking nonsense in a delirium. Clair had the last laugh. After Schultz died, police found a telegram among his belongings. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Madame St.

Journey ladys wanted alabama

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