Life is measured in moments

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in. Hillary Cooper. Good morning peeps, meditation done. Quote for the day:. But by the moments that take our breath away. This is one of my favourite quotes, I love it for Life is measured in moments variety of reasons. I believe it symbolises the quality of the life each of us lives as individuals. How many breaths do you think we have in a lifetime? Scientists estimate that a human takes Million Breaths in a lifetime.

So it makes sense to learn to maximize the efficiency of every single breath. When we are scared or in a state of stress our shoulders tighten, causing even more tension and our heart beat races. If we can maintain an even, steady breathe, this slows the heart rate, relaxes the body, calms the mind and supplies the brain with enough oxygen to make wise decisions.

That is why Life is measured in moments begin my day with 10 minutes of breathing and meditation every single day. Secondly and just as importantly I believe what we live for and strive for in life are the moments that take our breath away. This is what defines us. Holding your new born child for the first time. That little gasp in your throat, the feeling in your stomach, the skip of your heart beat when you kiss and touch the hand of someone you truly love.

Most of the moments in my own life that have taken my breath away are to do with performing and sport. I would be looking out off the raised stage and could see the audience staring back at me open mouthed in the shadows. I would be buzzing, it never got any better than that, I literally thought I could fly, the years of building up my thigh muscles to be able to explode into action, the hours of stretching and going over that routine again and again when your body had nothing left to give, everything would come out as I was jumping, I would be grinning and screaming out in joy at the same time, I would just jump and jump until the music stopped.

The MTV Awards and all the other live events that give you a buzz that is never quite the same when you do recorded programs. There is only one time in my career when I nearly suffered stage fright. I was performing at Wembley Stadium with Cliff Richard, it was the first time I had performed at Wembley Stadium which growing up as a huge football fan meant it had always been a dream of mine to play at Wembley, although never in my wildest dreams as would I have imagined dancing on stage at Wembley Stadium and definitely not with Sir Cliff Richards as I was never a fan of his music.

For a concert the capacity was 72, The other dancers had asked me. I said. They said. I cockily replied.

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I left it and then about 10—15 mins before we were due to go on, I thought oh maybe I will have a little peep to see what it was like. I walked backstage and moved forward to behind the speakers that were covered by gauze and looked out at the crowd. The mass of people literally took my breath away and my legs went wobbly at the knees. Life is measured in moments really did shock me the effect looking out had had on me, I went backstage and tried to carry on warming up and go through the routine, but I could not remember the steps I kept blanking. I was panicking the performance was getting closer and closer, what was I going to do?

Then the music started and I was fine and my body just automatically did all the steps. I was very lucky if I had not had that little peep, I would have frozen and it would have taken a bit of time to refocus.

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It was an important lesson to learn and emphasises the importance of preparing, breathing and focusing the mind and the body thoroughly for a performance, whether it is dance, sport or any other activity. Nowadays I spend my life trying to create moments for other people, by passing on the knowledge and experiences I have picked up along the way over the years.

My biggest buzz is seeing the faces of young kids and dancers when I have given them an opportunity to have their Life is measured in moments. How about you? Make sure you are living your life in the right way to create the moments that take your breath away, otherwise life is not worth living. Have a thrilling and thoughtful Thursday peeps. Breathe, Believe and Achieve. Be Happy, Healthy and Wise. Keep on Winning, Smiling and Living the Dream. Steve Agyei. Founder of Beyond Lifestyle Secrets. Author of Celebrity Training Secrets. Get started. Open in app. in Get started.

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Life is measured in moments

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Life is Measured by Moments