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Looking for the best and tastiest Hot Sauces in all of Europe? You are at the right place. We have a very exclusive assortment of American hot sauces as well Looking for hot sauce hot sauces from other countries all over the world. The Netherlands and tropical is not the most obvious combination, but this one turns out great! The hot sauce has a base of lemon and Madame Jeanette chilis, which creates a zesty flavor with some decent heat. By adding other tropical ingredients like turmeric and ginger it in a hot sauce that is especially great on fish, but it's also very good on pork, chicken and on a fresh salad.

If you never tried hot honey before here you can about it, including how to use ityou don't know what you're missing out on. The combination of sweet and heat coming from Madame Jeanette and red peppers is amazing, without it getting too hot though. This makes it an incredibly versatile condiment that you could easily swap for your regular honey. Especially on pizza and fried chicken combined with a waffle for the perfect combo it's a Looking for hot sauce pairing. This Tom's Hot Sauce Bonfire is the first hot sauce on Heatsupply of Austrian origin and it's a very special one immediately.

This hot sauce is made with cold brew coffee and cocoa, which was created through a collaboration with 25 Grams cold brew coffee and coffee specialists. The hot sauce has a spicy, chocolate-like aroma, so it goes perfectly with all types of grilled meats and savory dishes such as stews that taste even better in the colder months. The popular American brand created a mid-level hot sauce, despite the Habanero being the first ingredient, which you can use on just about everything. Besides Habanero they made this sauce with lots of garlic, onion, a good dose of black pepper and something that is not very normal for Torchbearer: vinegar.

Usually they make their hot sauces with an olive oil base, but vinegar simply matches the flavor profile of this perfect allround hot sauce way better. From pizza to burgers and from your morning eggs to tacos, this stuff will be great with it. An extra tip: use it as a marinade for a shish kebab.

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Torchbearer Honey Badger hot sauce is, again, a perfect mix of flavor and heat from this American hot sauce brand. This honey-mustard style hot sauce obviously has a sweet character, but it's also seriously spicy because they added Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper peppers.

It's known from Hot Ones season 14, where this sauce was on wing 7.

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This hot sauce is a nice mix of pineapple, Aji Limon and Scotch Bonnet peppers and ingredients like carrot, shallots, yellow pepper and ginger. The Calypso goes great with some fried fish, but is also Looking for hot sauce tasty with various types of tacos.

In terms of heat, we can call this hot sauce relatively mild, so perfect if you are just starting out with hot sauces or just really like this heat level. This Senhor Rito Espirito do Maracuja is a delicious fruity hot sauce that packs a nice punch, with a lot of passionfruit and a decent amount of Ghost Pepper.

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The sauce is made by 3 friends from Southern California who grow their own chilis in Lisboa Portugal and use those chilis to make this delicious sauce. It's made with a lot of passionfruit, but the oranges also really add refreshing and fruity flavor. It makes this hot sauce really great with chicken, seafood and even a good salad. The Looking for hot sauce Pepper creates a slow burn that lingers for quite a while. Excellent sauce! That means it not very spicy, but it makes up for that with an explosion of flavor. The Scotch Bonnet peppers fit the sauce perfectly, but the real star of the show is Shaquanda's Curry Powder Blend with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, thyme and more.

A great curry style hot sauce that goes great with, you guessed it, curries! Ofcourse you can also try it with other stuff like chicken and rice dishes. Delicious stuff. The fruity flavor and slowly building heat of the pepper come through straight away, while the Italian balsamic vinegar, onion, carrots and garlic create a beautiful balance.

The result is a very nice allround hot sauce that pairs very well with a lot of dishes, but with your favorite pasta might be the best option! The passionfruit is very upfront and it gives the sauce a fresh and sweet start, followed by the Madame Jeanette peppers, which provide a medium heat. The champagne vinegar brings more balance to the sauce and that makes this a perfect hot sauce for a tropical salad, different kinds of seafood and chicken. The rich flavor is created by using sweet potato as the main ingredient, combined with tones of smoked paprika, cinnamon and some whiskey.

It's also quite a spicy sauce with Habaneros as the second ingredient. You'll definitely feel the burn for a while, without getting overwhelming. This hot sauce is great on a big variety of dishes, but we love to combine it with savoury dishes like stews or just with a nice piece of meat. This Bravado Ancho Masala hot sauce is the new hottest sauce of the quality brand from Texas.

That won't surprise you when you read the ingredients, because the first three are all ultra hot peppers: the Moruga Scorpion, Carolina Reaper and Ghost Pepper. Crazy hot, but also very delicious with an Indian twist through the addition of Garam Masala spices and medjool dates.

The roasted garlic also comes through beautifully and the vinegar and tomato round off the impressive flavor. A must have for the ones who are not afraid of extreme heat! Pairs very well with Indian dishes and all sorts of curries. This Nondedju Hete Saus Fruitpunch 2 not to be confused with the Fruitpunch 1 is a salsa style hot sauce that is actually Looking for hot sauce bit different compared to other salsa style sauces.

It combines green Jalapenos and yellow Habaneros Looking for hot sauce tomatillo, Granny Smith apples, lemongrass and ginger. So besides a decent kick you can definitely expect a flavor bomb that you can pour over your nachos, Looking for hot sauce, burritos without a second thought. But it pairs very well with fish, steak and chicken as well. This Shaquanda's Spicier Smoke Hot Pepper Sauce has the same base as the popular Original with ingredients such as onion, mustard powder and turmeric in the spotlights, but spicier and smoky.

It is balanced with the deliciousness of roasted red peppers and smoked paprika powder. The result is a hot sauce that is still very versatile, like the original, but with a smoky touch. Don't hesitate to try it on your pizza, pasta, eggs, chicken, rice dishes, you name it! This stuff will definitely enhance it. The mix of black garlic, black and blueberries, Habanero and balsamic vinegar is not something you see every day, but it in a great flavor.

The real star of the show might be the caramelized onion, who shine through beautifully. All in all it's a great smoky and umami hot sauce that goes great with barbecue meats, burgers and mushrooms. Your wishlist is empty. View Wishlist.

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Cart Cart 0. Up. Language Dutch English. Hot Sauce. Heat Level. Origin: Eindhoven, The Netherlands Content: ml. Origin: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Content: grams. Origin: Austria Content: ml. The mix with dill and Serrano peppers makes this sauce absolutely genius, in our opinion. You can use this hot sauce anywhere you would eat a pickle on.

From burgers to hot dogs and even in sal. Another fantastic sauce by one of our favorite hot sauce brands in the world. Rated 5. Origin: Quebec, Montreal Canada Content: ml. Origin: Lisboa, Portugal Content: ml. Origin: Breda, The Netherlands Content: ml. Heatsupply gebruikt cookies en daarmee vergelijkbare technieken om het bezoek en winkelen bij onze webshop voor jou nog makkelijker en persoonlijker te maken. Met deze cookies kunnen wij en derde partijen jouw internetgedrag binnen en buiten onze website volgen en verzamelen en kun je informatie delen via social media. Je kunt je toestemming altijd weer intrekken.

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