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A journey into a world of Female Authority and male obedience.

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Sunday, 1 January Orgasms - They're for Her! One of the things we have been experimenting with in our FLR is enforced chastity. During sex I have always tried to be focussed on my Wife's pleasure first and foremost and cunnilingus has always been the focus of our our lovemaking. In early we decided to experiment with enforced chastity and to that end bought a stainless steel cage. For me, this has been transformational. Whilst the device is not foolproof in the sense that I can still climax when locked - but as I am unable to stroke myself it is, in effect, a ruined orgasm it has had a wonderful Male submissive blog on me.

I no longer masturbate, and during sex I am constantly reminded that the only orgasm I need concern myself with is my Wife's.

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What has amazed me is just how true it is that I genuinely derive my pleasure from my Wife's pleasure. When She cums, the pleasure for me is every bit as intense as it is for Her. When we roll over for that glorious post-coital sleep although I have to wait for a few minutes to come down from the "high" I fall asleep every bit as contented and satisfied as Her - even though I have not orgasmed.

Male submissive blog it is not just the sex. I have no access to the keys whatsoever when we first started I used to carry an "emergency" key in my wallet - after the first few weeks my Wife took that too. I have to sit down to pee. Whenever I put my hand down there I feel hard steel not soft flesh. Every morning I am awoken by the sensation of my cock straining against the bars of its cage. And each and every one of these things reminds me that I am locked in a cage because my Wife is the Head of the Household, and it is She who decides when I can be released.

It is She and only She that holds the keys to the lock that imprisons my cock. The lock, to me, symbolises Her authority over me - Her superiority and it makes me very happy to feel the steel of my cage - like a symbol of ownership. The cage generally only comes off now when I have to travel through airport security. This Christmas for once we were not travelling and - as you can see from the calendar - I ended the year locked and I have started locked.

With no trips coming up in the Male submissive blog future I have no idea when I will feel my cock again Posted by SteveT at 4 comments:. Resurrecting the Blog Well OK - I know it's been a long time since I last updated this blog. And perhaps resurrection is too strong a word. I am never going to be able to publish with the frequency that I did ly. However, my New Year's resolution is to try harder to promote the cause of Matriarchy, Gynarchy and Female Supremacy and so this blog - whilst not Male submissive blog exactly world-changing may just help in a small way.

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So I will try to blog Male submissive blog. I am someone who, if I have nothing to say - I say nothing. I cannot just spew out postings about nothing in particular. As I have had nothing much to say of late - I have not said much One thing that has been a development in my own FLR has been the introduction of enforced chastity.

Indeed, I am locked in a stainless steel cage as I write this. I will therefore make a few posts starting today where I will document some of my experiences with enforced chastity. In case you are interested, I do post more frequently in my tumblr blog.

I continue the theme of FLR, Female Supremacy and Matriarchy in that - albeit in a lighter more picture-focused manner. Check out my tublr here. Posted by SteveT at 1 comment:. Wednesday, 8 February What's in a Name? Anyone who has made even a cursory reading of these blog s will understand that it is my belief that Women are the superior sex.

There are of course many who do not agree with that opinion - and often voice their view in the comments here - but I am not about to argue the case for Female Superiority in this post, that case has been Male submissive blog to my satisfaction elsewhere. Instead I want to turn my attention to what to call myself. Personally I am happy to call myself a Female Supremacist.

After all, I believe that Women are superior to men and that men should devote themselves to the service of their superiors. I believe that Women should have de jure as well as de facto authority over men in our society, so for me at least the term Female Supremacy covers things pretty well. However, the term "supremacy" has some unpleasant connotations in some people's minds, conjuring up images of lynchings by white supremacists and genocide by Hitler and countless other dictators.

Although I don't think that this should devalue what is in my opinion an accurate description of my belief - Female Supremacy - I recognise that some people are uncomfortable with the term. So what else could I call myself? Well I quite like the term "Matriarchy".

We have, after all, liven for many decades in a patriarchal society so the term Matriarchal Society is easily understood by all and is far less threatening. What does that make me? As someone who seeks to promote a Matriarchal Society am I a Matriarchalist? Technically the noun is "Matriarch" but I cannot really describe myself as a Matriarch! Am I a Feminist? Well that term may well be technically accurate, but even the term Radical Feminist is usually used to describe one who seeks to bring women towards equality with men but perhaps by the use of radical meansnot superiority over them.

The best term for me - grammatically at least - is Gynarchy. The term is defined Male submissive blog "government or rule by Women" and I can describe myself as a Gynarchist. There are many other useful derivatives of the Male submissive blog - Gynocracy, Gynocentric and Gynarchic which all accurately describe my ideal world or my place in it.

The problem with this term is that there is a part of the Gynarchist movement that espouses the view that all men should be castrated and feminised in order to serve their Female superiors. This is not a view I agree with and not just because I want to hold on to my balls!

But that's just my view. If we can just agree to stick to the dictionary definition of Gynarchy then I am proud to call myself a Gynarchist! Posted by SteveT at 14 comments:. I have been saying for some time now that in order to advance the the cause of Female Supremacy Male submissive blog need to show more women the benefits of a Female Led lifestyle. If more women arrive at this decision for themselves rather than being, perhaps unwillingly, introduced to it by their husband or boyfriend then I think we are more likely to achieve some sort of momentum towards the change we want to see.

I have often said that we need some sort of sympathetic coverage in mainstream Ladies' magazines such as Cosmo or Company but it hasn't yet as far as I know happened. I decided to write something myself as an example of the sort of thing I mean. Naturally this piece absolutely could not be used. Among its undoubtedly many faults there are two main ones that make it Male submissive blog unsuitable; 1 It is a work of complete fiction; and Male submissive blog it is Male submissive blog by a man - me.

For this to be a success it must, I suggest, be written by a real woman, from a woman's perspective, and it must be real. I throw it out here as a suggestion. Anyone got any contacts in the publishing industry? Any freelance journalists out there?

Feel free to comment or make suggestions. Have Your Cake and Eat it by Stephanie Taillo Most of us are too young to remember the 's, but we all have an impression of that simpler time. Just mentioning the decade conjures up an idyllic image of the hard working husband returning home to his doting wife. The house is spotless, dinner is on the table and she rushes around him to take care of his every need. He takes care of the decisions and she just needs to make sure they happen. She has no money of her own, but manages a budget to ensure the smooth running of the house with the housekeeping money given to her by her husband.

Well perhaps not so idyllic for the little lady. And besides, we like our jobs now. We like the money and the independence. We like the fact that we can have a career. We like to call the shots. The problem is that we still have to do all the other stuff too. Oh sure, we have labour saving devices like washing machines and dishwashers and we have convenience food and takeaways, but somehow life still seems, well The good news ladies, is that we can have our cake and eat it too. We can have the big job and the responsibility. We can call the shots - as a growing of women Male submissive blog discovering - at home as well as at work.

Many women have discovered that there is a growing army of men who are willing to support their wives or girlfriends in their career, not just doing finally! What do they get out of this? Well it seems they just want to make us happy! Some men have always put women on a pedestal. It seems that now they are prepared to clean around it too! To find out more I spoke to a couple who live just this sort of life. Susan and Steven Rennie not their real names have been together for eight years and married for five of those years. I spoke to them at their smart and clean! London flat. Steven ushered me in and very politely took my coat and bag.

He is a tall, slim, rather good looking man, dressed in chinos and a smart shirt.

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He seemed charming and relaxed. Susan was in the Male submissive blog room. She had come straight from work and was still in the customary uniform of the successful woman executive - a charcoal grey business suit with black stockings and black pumps. She was strikingly attractive and not what I had expected. She has dark hair, dancing eyes, and a winning smile. When She spoke she had just a trace of an educated Scottish accent. I felt immediately at home. Steve asked me what I would like to drink and within seconds it seemed, returned with my requested gin and tonic, perfect with Male submissive blog and a slice of fresh lemon, together with a glass of wine which Susan did not request but which he seemed to know she would want, on a silver tray.

He did not have one for himself. I was not expecting what happened next. Susan smiled at me and merely said "It's his little treat. I normally only allow him water. Susan filled the gap with a question. Stephanie : Susan, how would you describe your relationship? Susan : Well I believe the term which best describes the nature of our relationship is what's now known as a "Female Led Relationship". There's nothing sinister or odd about it.

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