Married and Lonely Dating wife away ready to play

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Are you in your mid-thirties and still single? So what got us here? Those who fall into the category of being in their mid-thirties and single may or may not realize how they actually got there. Here are a few paths that may have been taken…. Focused on personal goals: Some people are deeply focused on their own personal interests and goals. While some may consider this to be selfish, it really is not.

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When you are single, you can be selfish. And for some, this is a major benefit of being single. Reasons people become selfish or self-focused include:. Married and divorced young: Some people do in fact fall in love, hard, at a young age and choose to get married. When you are married too young, immaturity coupled with the lack of marriage reality is both factors in why a marriage could end in divorce.

Hard time putting yourself out there: Some people want to settle down but have a hard time with the process of getting there. Dating is challenging and can be quite intimidating. Fortunately, in this day and age dating has become more accessible with online dating.

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For some, this can take a bit of the anxiety and wonder out of dating. But for others, it can be overwhelming considering the endless options and available information about people. This may cause you to withdraw from it together. Regardless of the reason or reasons that you find yourself in your mid-thirties and single, you may be experiencing some common emotions, thoughts, and feelings that are associated with your relationship status. Loneliness : When you are single you are bound to experience feelings of loneliness. Even for those people who see endless benefits to being single, loneliness is a factor.

Spending time alone can sometimes feel like a luxury, but constant alone time during periods of the day, month, or year, when it would be comforting to have someone by your side can be isolating. People who are paired off tend to socialize with other couples because of the commonalities of being in relationships.

Even if you are invited to socialize with couples, it may not sound appealing or fun. This could lead to both jealousy and resentment of your friends. Insecure : The desire to be with another person can create insecurity. How so? When you are either stood up or dumped, you may question yourself and what went wrong. You find yourself analyzing conversations, interactions, and even your image.

Anxiety : Stress and worry is a natural way to feel when you are experiencing some of the above-noted emotions. Feeling anxious about dating and the unknown future is quite common. Especially for women, anxiety about being single has serious implications. Thus, the pressures to both find a partner who wants children and successfully conceive can be very stressful. Depression : The sadness associated with feeling lonely coupled with the pressures and anxiety of dating and settling down Married and Lonely Dating wife away ready to play send a person into a state of depression.

A negative mindset, unhealthy habits, and an overall gloomy demeanor are all associated with depression. These qualities are not considered attractive dating characteristics, which can hinder the dating process; becoming a vicious cycle.

Addiction : Feelings of depression can lead to developing unhealthy habits. Using drugs, alcohol, or even building an addiction to gambling or pornography are all ways that individuals suffering from a depressed state may try to numb their emotions. Like depression, addiction is not an attractive dating quality and can make it even more difficult to meet a potential life partner.

If you are looking to change up how you approach dating at this point in your life, you may need to try something different. Here are some tips that you can try to develop a healthy and secure mindset about putting yourself out there.

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Hi, how are you? This post has actually been the best thing I have actually read throughout the day. May 12, Posted by tavy How did I get here? Here are a few paths that may have been taken… Focused on personal goals: Some people are deeply focused on their own personal interests and goals.

Focus on having fun It will help you relax about dating and while on dates 2. Try not to compare yourself to your peers 3.

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Let go Of past relationships Of your prior mindset and any insecurities 4. Be open and honest with yourself and others Honest communication is key to creating meaningful connections and relationships 5. Do not be desperate Not attractive to others Can potentially alter your values. Facebook Twitter Pinterest linkedin. Back to list.

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Married and Lonely Dating wife away ready to play

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