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Attorneys for Lewis said they plan to file a federal Title IX lawsuit, a state whistleblower lawsuit, an Equal Employment Opportunity grievance and a civil lawsuit under the federal RICO statute, which is used to dismantle organized crime rings.

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Last month, LSU suspended Ausberry and Segar without pay for 30 days and 21 days, respectively — punishments decried by women state lawmakers and students as too lenient. Segar returned to work last week, and Ausberry returned Monday. The retaliation, she said, continues to this day. Lewis said Miles harassed and undermined her for years, trying to sexualize the group of student workers she supervised.

Lewis, the first Black woman football recruiting director in the Southeastern Conference, said she was denied pay raises and promotions, ridiculed in front of her co-workers and told to find another job when she complained. She suffered a mental breakdown, she said. King Alexander and Athletic Director Scott Woodwardwho Lewis said has a close personal relationship with Ausberry and refuses to meet directly with her Miles m for black f 4 sex being head of her department.

A year veteran of the football staff and former LSU track champion, Lewis said she has stayed in Miles m for black f 4 sex position because she loves the school and wants to create paths for other women in football. She said she continues to endure abuse from colleagues, who have tried to push her out. I still feel panic. I still feel isolated. LSU declined to comment on potential litigation. Ausberry also declined to speak about the allegations. Segar did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Larry English, one of three attorneys representing Lewis, said that by systemically covering up reports of sexual misconduct and retaliation, top LSU officials and board members engaged in a conspiracy to circumvent federal and state laws.

When you have a university and a system where women are devalued, they are mistreated. Lewiswho was hired inwas in charge of coordinating travel, lodging, meals and meetings for recruits and their families during official visits to LSU. She managed a group of student workers who assisted with recruiting, including hosting recruits during campus visits.

Hostess groups, which were almost always all-women, were an under-the-radar but commonplace part of college football untilwhen the NCAA took measures to rein them back after high-profile incidents at the University of Colorado and Arizona State. Hostesses said they had supplied alcohol and sex to recruits, and some said football players had raped them. Miles repeatedly pressured Lewis to replace Black student workers on her recruiting staff with blond women or light-skinned Black women whom he considered prettier, Lewis said.

When she refused, she said, he directed others to get Lewis to comply with his demands.

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Her attempts to report his behavior fell on deaf ears, she said. Miles told a coach in the room that he preferred blondes, not brunettes, working in his office. He said it without looking at Lewis, even though she was right next to him, she said.

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Miles needed a quarterback, and Mettenberger had just been kicked off the University of Georgia football team after he was accused of groping the breasts and buttocks of a student at a bar. Mettenberger pleaded guilty to counts of battery that May and was sentenced to a year of probation. She said she felt shocked, embarrassed and isolated. Miles pressured his staff to get Lewis to comply, she said. After years of being rebuffed by Lewis, she said, Miles decided in early to start personally interviewing student workers in his office at night.

Some of the women disclosed to Lewis that during the meetings, Miles asked them about their sex life, she said. One student said Miles asked her whether she was a virgin. Lewis, who was in the meeting, said it was very emotional, and Miles kept apologizing to the student for his actions. Afterward, Lewis immediately notified Segar and later Ausberry. He engaged law firm Taylor Porter to provide sexual harassment training to employees. The next month, in February Miles m for black f 4 sex, another student worker came to Lewis, reporting that Miles had made sexual advances toward her and sent her inappropriate text messages.

Lewis said she notified Segar, Ausberry and Nall, who excluded Lewis from further meetings. He had her put his in her phone under an alias and did the same for her. Miles began texting the student, hired her to babysit his kids and invited her to a movie. When Miles picked her up in his car one day, the student said, he parked behind an athletic department building and kissed her twice.

Miles adamantly denied the allegations, saying he was simply mentoring young women and never made sexual advances. The officials issued Miles a letter of reprimand, required he attend counseling and again ordered him not to contact student workers. After the Miles incidents, Lewis said, she was the target of repeated retaliation by the coach and other LSU athletic department employees that lasted years. In a meeting with Nader, Wilson and Morris, Miles confronted Lewis about the type of girls he wanted for a recruiting event.

When she rejected his orders, she said, he kicked everyone out of the Miles m for black f 4 sex and threatened her. Lewis reported this encounter to Nader, Wilson, Ausberry, Bahnsen and others, she said.

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Lewis said Miles harassed her almost weekly, to the point she would hide under her desk if she heard him coming. When Lewis said no, she said, he became irate and stood in front of the doorway for two to three minutes, glaring at her. Lewis reported this incident to Ausberry, Segar, Bahnsen and others, she said. No one seemed to care that she was under attack, Lewis said.

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Instead, they told her to look for another job. Anxious and depressed, she reached out to Segar, whom she understood to be her Title IX contact, for help. She told Segar she felt she was being retaliated against for reporting Miles. Lewis disclosed that a different football coach was sexually harassing her. Segar set her up with a therapist, paid for by LSU.

Although LSU fired Miles in September after a string of losses, many of the administrators who took his side stayed. They continued to retaliate against Lewis, she said, long after Miles left. Lewis said Ausberry has been particularly hostile. He has screamed at her in meetings, berated her and belittled her, she said. After she won, she said, Ausberry held a meeting with senior staff members and told them not to grant her all the powers of the presidency. Lewis said she asked Segar to talk to Miles m for black f 4 sex about it, which Segar did.

Rather than help her, Segar and Alleva made a joke about it, Lewis said. In a meeting, according to Lewis, Segar sarcastically commented that she had to watch what she said around Lewis, because she reported everything. Alleva issued directives to staff to report all such complaints to Segar, instead of directly to the Title IX office, as LSU policy required.

Segar verbally reinforced that policy to Lewis on several occasions, Lewis said. Lewis said she did not learn until later that when she reported information to Segar, Segar did not always forward the information to the Title IX office. Such was the case, Lewis said, when she reported dating violence allegations against then- LSU wide receiver Drake Davis to Segar and Ausberry in Segar told the investigator that Lewis never reported any Title IX issues to her, the investigation report shows.

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Segar told Husch Blackwell that Lewis had, in fact, reported many Title IX issues to her, and that the investigator must have misquoted her in his report. Normand agreed to remove the disciplinary action from her file, but LSU never investigated her complaintssaid Lewis and the Husch Blackwell report.

Richardson said that inLewis and her assistant, Keava Soil-Cormierlaughed at her when she told them she was scared of Davis and told her she could go to the police if she wanted to ruin his life. Soil-Cormier ly declined to comment. One does not cancel out the other. Nothing came of those reports, Lewis said, except more retaliation. Lewis has wanted to quit, she said, but a bigger part of her wants to stay. She loves LSU, she said.

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Miles m for black f 4 sex

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