Motorcycles cape cod

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You may not find that mythical tomato-can carburetor, but if legendary Harley-Davidson craftsmanship gets your engines revved, then take a ride to South Yarmouth this fall. The exhibit features dozens of rare and unusual machines dating back more than years. How rare and unusual?

The show runs through late November.

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McGraw says it can take years for him to restore a single motorcycle, although he typically works on four or five bikes simultaneously. His method is painstaking and pursued with the passion of a cross-country ride. McGraw says he restored antique cars for a business, but he always loved motorcycles so he decided to build his own from scratch. The bike came out beautifully, McGraw says, but his friend told him nobody else would appreciate the effort that went into the project, suggesting that he Motorcycles cape cod old motorcycles instead.

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His heart belongs to the storied machines in his collection, he says. And in 10 minutes of tuning you could hit But no road could handle that back then. So it was only on a track situation. But it was very expensive. You could buy a very nice car Motorcycles cape cod that back then. Follow these rules and regulations to keep yourself and others safe from harm:Cyclists are required to obey all local and state traffic laws and regulations.

Find more information on the Cultural Center of Cape Cod website: cultural-center.

Motorcycles cape cod

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