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View a full description of this newspaper. The following text was automatically extracted from the image on this using optical character recognition software:. VH - Jti. Pure nutritious and Twholesome.

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Ask your Grocer. This Is the result' or an annlysia by vtao bureau of statistics of trio depart- ment of commerce and labor of the. VTho term "food animals". Includes lit this Instance an cattle sheep and BWlne In tho United States as estl- mated by the department Jof agricul- ture and tho term ''consumers" in? The department of agriculture's fig- ures nu: the tctal of cattle in lbo United Suites on Jan.

For Jan. KtUmM the on. POi at 77 - ;Ct! OQO in ther. This makes :tbe total of food animals to nl. In the meantime the total value of "tap food animals in tho country has in- xreased despite the reduction in num - iber the department of agriculture esti- i wating the aggregate farm value of tho 1 This gives an 'Increase In tho aggregate value of Tho ono. OOO an increase of about 11 per- eat while tho population wns in- creasing about 16 per cent.

Tho average farm valuo per.

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In the mnrkots however beef prices showed amucli larger ndvnnco the Nov York whole sale price of "family beof' as shown In reports to tho bureau of statistics department of commerco and labor. Tire of tho department of agriculture -waa advancing 8 por cent. The of swino In the United Watee is stated by the department of agriculture figures at 1 1 Jnn- nt to llct to nurrtu ample or Mo and too tub Alwur Mis. In the meantime prices of grains show similar' advances. Stops Fain in the Bladder; Kidneys and Back Wouldn't' if bo nice within a week so to begin to say goodbye forever to the scalding dribbling straining or too frequent passage' of urine the forehead and the bnck-of the -head aches; the stitches and pains In the back; the growing muscle weakness; spots before the eyes; yellow skin; Blugglsh bowels; swollen eyelids or ankles; leg cramps unnatural short breath; sleeplessness and ttyo despon- dency?

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J hnvon receipt for these. Just drpp mo a line like this; Dr. As yqu will see when you got It this receipt contains only pure harmless remedies but it has great healing nnd paln-conuorjng power. On tho night otJrhursday March 31 the nni8o lovors of Abilene will gather nt tho home of Mrs. Gerard O. Re hments will boqi h An ndmissl will be rprlco ot twcntdOTe cents lirged large! Hotel race Tailor Bjion A. JIclil Hack Second. Both of yesterday's afternoon west- bound trains duo nt and re.

Westbound train No. Doth wheels on tho rtinr truck went off tho rnlls. Whllo tho crew was engaged In repairing tho mishap tho second train arrived at Cis- co. Train No. Lusltnnln thinks that with proper equipment the proposed. American South J? Rob ert Scott who will head the next Brit- ish Antarctic expedition. Scott will MWM for MWF for Lunch at Noon the route of former expeditions including mine. Commander Peary took to the Arctic regions will be less valuable In the Antarctic' be- cause of the.

Which will get Into the dogs eyes and render them powerless.

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The Americans will have greater success with ponies silch as 1 took than with dogs. Judge William Potndexter- of Cle- burne candidate for the gubernatorial nomination on the statewide prohibi- tion platform Who spoke. At half past two o'clock- this nfter. Judge Polndexter is in the midst of a tour 'of speech mnking and every- where ho goes he receives a most en- thusiastic greeting!

From Swectwnter al. We' were informed from reliable sources that a mbvo is op foot to lo- cate a colony of about one hundred families from the' N'orthwedtern states in the Swoqtwatcr country and that tho land to locate them on had been secured and a representative of thse Immigrants would be hero to look over tho proposition.

They have boon figuring on tho Sweetwater coun- try for. Borne time and arrangements bnve been made bo they can obtain acres of good land on which they cnn colonize.

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They nre expected to bo locnted here provided the land Is satisfactory within threo months tlno. This is two German-American colon- ies that are to locnto in this section of tho country nnd many more such coi- onies will soon follow. Thoso colonies will be composed ot Bpmo of the finest farmers In existence as tho German Is noted for being a farmer of the rarest quality In general. Wo expect to see the loose lands tn tho Sweotwatpr country cqyered wltfl prosporqus farpiera n a shott lapse of time.

You ci a younM tjbome a ihousanUn will.

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Surveyors have been In the city In tho last jfow days laying out tho Santa Fo shopri plnhB and Construction will begin Immediately and bo pushed forward nsfast as pos- sible. Tho Santn Fo pooplo expect to have tho machlrio shops nnd round houses ready to care for tho rolling stock by tho time the Bteel laying Is completed.

Work nt th0 big fill Is practically completed and when tho bridge 1b completed across Jim Ned creek the gap will bo connected up In a vory short while. Trains nre cxpopted to bo In opera tion over tho Snnta Fo rond by July 1st and all work will bo pushed for- ward with these exceptions. F It ho had. Davis had been here on business returns at night to his honle at Merkel. Miss Millie.

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Mox who had been hero visiting 'M. Moore has returned to her home at Eastland. Freeman of near Trent wns nn. Ic4 Saving' Refrigerators s. J: Spencer and children of near Clydo. Hardy a sister of the former left last night for Eskota where they will visit be- fore returning to their home. Masters of near Merkel was among theibuslness visitors' In the ctiy yeBterday. Christian who liadHeen" here- on 'business returned yesterday" after; noon to his' home at Merkel.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Grace Hotel Tnllor Shop A. Buck who had been here on business returned last night to his homo at Merkel. Barnes left last night for El Paso where he will spend a month visiting relatives and friends.

Harrison left yestordny after- nbn for his homo at Odessa-after spend Ing a few days -hero on business. Thompson of Sweetwater was among the business visitors hero yes- terday. Springer who had been hero on business has returned' to bis homo Snyder. Brown loft last night ror Fort Worth on business and will be absent from homo a week. R Dalo who had been here on nislness has returned to his homo at Balrd. Lloyd who wns a visitor In the city yesterday from Callahan coun-t ty has returned home. JO Franklin bLDaiias a traveling man who frequently vlsltd Abilene left last night nt midnight for Balrd Cisco and other points beforo run ning into headquarters.

Oettys of Decatur who had been here oh business has returned home. Frank MWM for MWF for Lunch at Noon wife and baby of this City loft today for Cisco to visit rela- tives and will return Monday. Franklin and wlfo left this morning tor Bnird where Mrs. Franklin Is tin Abilene traveling man. Trigg who had been here vlsitinc D. Trice nnd fnmilv rnt. John Phelps of Dallas wasa visitor in the city yesterday from Dallas. From Anson Epterprlse: -"" ' Mrs. McDonald had given him lip ns dead rind we can hardly imagine vthO' magnitude of her joy upon: receiving MWM for MWF for Lunch at Noon letter from him from a foreign Island On Wednesday of this.

Pollard having handed In his resig- nation In order that he might be en- abled to dpvote full attention to n:s new business in the real estate line. Tho outgoing agent has Indeed made us a good one however we learn that Mr. Wilkes cornea highly recommenced as an honorable gentleman and" wo hope to find in him a gobd service- able ncent. We aro glad to know that Mr. Johnson and MissiNinh Baston. Jenkins and Miss Lurlene Gay. From Merkel Mall: The first real time of actual work In tho construction of our system of Waterworks transpired this week.

The material is being unload- ed and hauled to the last site selected on Elm street a couple of blocks west of-tho. The contract of 'A. Jones is for the erection of the house and the. It is expected that. Gregg of El Paso has taken charge or the. Pacific Express Com- pany's office at this point mado vacant by the departure of Mr.

Gregg formerly worked at Abilene ana is known to be a clever young business man; "Dad" Wilson sayB there is no change In his department or service. From Colorado Record : Tho Socialists of this county are very busy getting ready to put out a county ticket. Referendums are. The Soscialfsts nominate by a direct vote of all party members.

MWM for MWF for Lunch at Noon

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