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Last week we talked a little bit about marriage, monasticism, and what salvation is actually about. But, if we are to hear and respond to God calling us, we have to recognize the particular struggles and blessings of being single. Both married people and monastics have a particular calling to reflect the breaking through of Orthodox christian singles Kingdom of God in this world: the married through their ascetic reunification of male and female in love as a of the reunification of all things in Christ and the monastic through their ascetic dedication to purity and the angelic life as a of the life in the Kingdom to come.

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I think single people have a particular calling to reflect the Kingdom through an ascetic commitment to the present moment, reflecting that heaven and earth meet only in the present moment. Of course, we all are called to love, purity, and meeting God in the now, but I think those who are single Orthodox christian singles a special opportunity to be an icon of the present to those around them because it is so tempting to sometimes treat being single and on your own like being in the waiting room for life to begin.

If we give in to this temptation we can become anxious and worried on the one hand or so carefree on the other that either way, we become spiritually blind to the opportunities to meet God here and now. Image from Pixabay. An amazing way to take advantage of Orthodox christian singles present moment as a single person is to dedicate yourself to prayer and study.

Set aside time to pray, to read Scripture, to read a spiritual book. Make it to weekday services as often as you can.

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Whether marriage or monasticism lies ahead for you or not, using your time right now to encounter Jesus will not only prepare you for the future, but more importantly, will make sense of the now and bring peace to your everyday. Start seeing the control you have over your life as a single person as a blessing and an opportunity to form your life around what really matters.

Which le to my next thought. In addition to prayer and study, make an effort to find opportunities to serve the Church and your community. Call your priest and ask. By getting involved not only will you avoid the demonic temptation of single life that says life is all about me, but you will begin to form a habit of centering your life around the life Orthodox christian singles the Church.

Then, no matter what job opportunities or potential relationships come along, you will have the right foundation for your life. It Orthodox christian singles be pretty easy as a single person to get used to a way of living that only takes into your own needs and desires. Thanks be to God, it is in struggle that we see who we really are and how God is calling us to grow.

Am I insisting on my own way in all things or avoiding situations in which I might be asked to compromise and sacrifice? Does all of money go towards making my life comfortable and easy?

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Everybody needs ability and support in their life. If you want to do well in class, you go to the professor or to a tutor for help and you study with your peers.

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If you want to do well in a new job, you rely on your boss and your coworkers to help you get acquainted with the culture and expectations of the workplace. Well, unsurprisingly, the same is true in the spiritual life.

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You need mentors to guide you and set an example and peers to keep you on track. Obviously, your local Orthodox christian singles chapter and your parish are the places to start. Find a spiritual father and other mentors to whom you can go for advice and guidance. Make friends with people you respect and trust with whom you can be honest about yourself. Building an Orthodox community as a single person will help you in all other aspects of single life: you can support one another in prayer and study, you can serve the Church together, and you can learn to love one another with self-sacrificial love.

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Orthodox christian singles

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