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Sugar Babies. Home Register. s: Pakistani escort ilford 1 ] Go Down. Author Topic: Shabnam - Ilford Read times. Hello all, Long time lurker but this is my first review. My usual meets have always consisted of sensual massage with hand relief. I am Pakistani and can speak Hindi Urdu and Punjabi. I am a size with 36ffchest I am lovely and horny I can confirm that other websites the girl in the photo is not of her.

The responses in text messages are pretty fast and was able to arrange meeting within the hour. I asked if there was a shower which I was told that I had to do within the half hour. This is a first for me as with my meets I always showered after the session but Pakistani escort ilford just couldn't get those boobs out of my head.

So on day of meeting, I asked if she showers before each client to which she said yes.

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I asked if she can wear read lipstick for me. Anyway, so called from outside of the flat, and she let me in and asked me to go the second floor. I noticed CCTV in the stairs in the on both of the floors. So I got to the top, and there were 4 doors and she came out of one and let me. When I saw her, looking back, I should have just left but at the same time, I can see her boobs literally busting out of her shirt.

They are definitely 36FF as advertised. No red lipstick, no make-up, looked like she just woken up or absolutely fed up of life I asked if I can use the toilet quickly, "you need to pay first" was the reply So I undressed and got into bed. The only good thing were her boobs All of a sudden, I feel something really cold on my back, I asked her what it was I have had anything massages to know no such exists.

So asked her does it come in a packet and what Pakistani escort ilford is it. I said I didn't' want it. So she started the massage if you want to call it that. It was more like the tips of her fingers just going over my body like a feather. Didn't enjoy one bit of it. There was no music. I tried my Pakistani escort ilford to talk and make small conversation but all I got was 1 word replies. I then asked her to lay on her back. I sucked her boobs for a bit and fingered her but there was no reaction.

I mean nothing I said to her you may as Pakistani escort ilford finish me off She got on top and started to give me a hand job with the condom on. It was the worst hand job ever.

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I asked her to play with my balls which I wish hadn't as i had to tell her not to squeeze so hard I got dressed and left. A truly Pakistani escort ilford experience. I should have just knocked one out at the comfort of my own home. The ad says she's 22 years old British Pakistani The 2 s she uses are and [Image hidden] [Image hidden]. Was her bum proper ironing board flat OP? Henry Hoover Posts: Reviews: 7.

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Sounds pretty grim! Interested to know who else is in the top 5 best boobs. Yes, we are talking proper ironing board. No curves whatsoever.

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Henry, top 5 include 2 who have stopped working unfortunately but here's one of them. Standing at around 5. So eager to please. She let me stay longer than Pakistani escort ilford. Could have stayed longer but I needed to leave as car parking meter was going to run out of time. Sorry to hear mate but cheers for the review and warning. Banned by: daviemac. James Banned Posts: 1, Reviews: Banned reason: Unhealthy obsession with SP malicious posts out of spite Banned by: daviemac.

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Chattymatty88 Posts: Reviews: 5. Quote from: pelvic thrust overdrive on May 02,pm. She does look like a 'civvy' I met on app before, right age, part of the world, ethnicity and size. I didn't get to properly disrobe but she did say to me "I have to warn you, I have no arse!

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