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By marrsqOctober 6, in shippers' paradise. I have a very strong view that for a good marital bond, an age difference of about 4 to 8 years between the woman and man the man to be elder, of course is really conducive and it works out wonders in majority of the cases I have seen.

There are two things of compatibility in marital relationship. One is the physical maturity and second is the mental maturity. Seeing the world and observing people, sense of responsibility towards one's own life and that of those dependent on oneself, firming up of clear ideas about one's needs and wants, goals and ambitions etc are reasonably well developed in a woman at about 21 years; on the other hand, a man of comparable age is far more boyish, carefree, takes things too lightly and is afraid of getting into commitments and taking up responsibility.

An unbridled, play-boy life looks to be far more attractive to a man at that age than one of Park shi hoo moon chae won dating and responsibility of a marital relationship. A level of mental maturity towards a disciplined family life and the realization that love and affection of a caring wife is far more valuable than a physical outlet for lust comes to a man somewhere above the age of twenty six or so.

Thus when a woman marries a man 4 to 8 years elder to her, the mental maturity level between them fairly matches and they will be Park shi hoo moon chae won dating a better position to adjust with each other. All said and done, a basic psychological fact about man that cannot be wished away is his sense of superiority Park shi hoo moon chae won dating opposite sex. A man, deservedly or undeservedly expects that his wife should treat him as more than an equal partner and any of respect shown to him towards this sense of superiority is welcome by him.

When a decent age difference exists, the woman tends to show him more respect than if he were to be of equal age to her. This psychological nuance helps in a ificant way in bringing cordiality in relationship. From physical maturity point of view, this age difference augurs well in the long run. A woman's safe age of becoming a mother is up to 35 years and Further the young looks of a wife matters a lot to a man; But for a woman, the love of a man rather than the looks of a man is of primary importance.

Normally, at about 40, a man of that age looks quite youthful in comparison with his wife, if she were to be of same age group. Perhaps, this is one of the main reasons why a wider age gap between man and woman for marital relationship was preferred in generations. And if they don't, they never were" —Kahlil Gibran. You have to be willing to make the effort. Could it be that she looks that way because somebody is loving and caring for her and that she reciprocates the same feelings?

Could it be that the unmistakable glow on her skin and the perceptible twinkle in her eyes be caused by LOVE showered on her by no other than Shihoo oppa? But the question is, are we just seeing these things because our imagination is clouding our sight? Could be. So read on, and draw your own conclusions. Complete article may be found here. Love makes the world go round, so they say. It also makes a woman more beautiful, as even the most cynical observer must noticed, even the plain lass takes on a more attractive look when she is in love. Apparently hormones play no small part and the skin particularly reacts to positive emotional feelings.

According to scientific research, the skin is the most accurate barometer of how we feel. Each period of comfort or misery shows on our faces almost immediately. The skin is not just a stretchy covering which stays the same way as most of us consider. The cells of the skin is dead cells but under the skin are nerves, blood vessels, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands which carry oil to the skin and hair. All of these affect the condition of the skin and they are greatly affected by how happy or how miserable we are. Worry and upset will make the complexion muddy and patchy, the hair dry and lifeless, boredom and lack of interest in life could make your skin pale and softlyyour hair thin or even fall out.

But love and happiness, it seems are the big complexion boosters. A woman may believe that its imagination that she looks more attractive when she is in love. Her figure is likely to improve too. Psychologists have found out that many overweight women eat too much because they feel unhappy or unloved. A secure romance is the biggest incentive ever for a woman to successfully lose weight. The mum-to- be often glows with health and attractiveness too. She looks more feminine, despite her rather bulky shape.

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This is because of physical or hormonal changes acting on her skin and hair. When a woman is in love, a similar process takes place. Her complexion takes on instantly recognizable was recently proved by research undertaken by a female doctor, who used girl students in her experiment. Half were in love and the other half were not.

Five men and five women were asked to pick out the one hundred and thirty they thought were in love. The were staggering. Because of my limited skill, I can only copy and paste most of her pictures from Moon Chaewon thread. Credits go to sapapun and shoshe. Just look at her eyes on the first photo. On VIP premieres that she attended before, she had always looked tired and kinda lonely.

And that tiredness and loneliness never escaped the eyes of many observers who even wrote such observations in articles. Even the comments section are flooded with the same remarks. But here… ahhh…. The look of quiet joy and contentment! Park shi hoo moon chae won dating eyes, the skin, the glowing aura she exudes… If she can be this beautiful with the littlest make up on, then this Shihoo oppa really knows how to take care of his woman! Is it only me? You know, this lovely couple of ours maybe excellent actor and actress, but when it comes to hiding love, happiness, and the resulting contentment, their eyes would never ever lie!

Is there any more recent of the two are dating that people have picked up? Will love to see them reunite in something. Even a commercial will do. Fall in love : yes, it's true. There is a special glow to a woman in love. It's not just emotion, it's chemistry. Oxytocin, the hormone that gives teenage girls and expectant moms their glow, kicks in full throttle when you are falling in love, giving you a special bond with your partner and a beautiful glow to your skin.

I can't think of a better, all natural beauty treatment than that. This is a quick reminder about the stages through which a relationship travels. Love grows and changes. The excitement that brings couples together in the first place is very different from the love that emerges fifteen or fifty years later.

Love relationships go through three predictable stages. All are important and none can be avoided if love is to flourish. Love relationships usually begin with a strong physical and emotional attraction that produces a somewhat altered state of consciousness.

Your brain is saturated with chemicals called endorphins, creating the sensations of intense pleasure that accompany infatuation. The exhilaration and sense of well-being are similar to feelings produced by vigorous exercise or eating something extremely pleasurable, like chocolate.

In this highly charged emotional state, you are apt to project images, expectations, and ideals of the perfect mate onto your partner. These projections often have little to do with who your partner really is, but it's hard to tell because both of you are on your best behavior. Reeling with romance and passion, you and your partner are highly responsive to each other. It is not until a little further down the path that you find out what a person is really like. As infatuation and romantic love subside, healthy relationships go through a period of adjustment with continuing power struggles.

It is common during this stage, for each partner to try to mold the other into the ideal mate. As part of this process, many couples bicker and fight. Some launch a "cold war" and start avoiding sensitive areas of conflict. If neither you nor your partner is ready to risk confrontation, your lives are likely to become more and more separate and devoid of intimacy and sharing. Even though you avoid open conflict, agreeing at some level not to argue and fight, the tension and pain remain.

Here the problems go underground and come out when least expected. Some couples use guilt and blame to try to control each other in an effort to recapture feelings associated with the earliest stage of their relationship. Both Park shi hoo moon chae won dating for that period of infatuation when being together was new and exciting and the partner was attentive. Furthermore, confrontation is healthy. It builds Park shi hoo moon chae won dating when you get things out on the table.

Learning to confront and resolve conflict at this stage helps your relationship mature. The challenge is to discover what can be changed in the relationship and what must be accepted. It is never too late to learn the skills and to take the risks to effectively move through the power-struggle stage in order to achieve a stronger more satisfying relationship.

It requires honesty with self, the willingness to confront and communicate with the partner, and letting go of control to experience what needs to surface.

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This includes facing your fears and allowing all your feelings to be explored. Feelings are not right or wrong. When denied, however, anger turns to rage and playing "ostrich" to avoid dealing with issues turns to depression. Healing these may require Park shi hoo moon chae won dating inner work and therapy.

Steering through the power-struggle stage can take years if a couple does not look for help outside of their frame of reference. Marriage and family therapists offer helpful information and objectivity when a couple is at an impasse. In its third stage, a healthy relationship moves beyond regular power struggles and control issues to unconditional love and acceptance.

However, during the transition from stage two to stage three, partners must still confront and resolve issues in the relationship, taking risks to make positive change wherever possible and accepting those conditions that cannot be changed. Even in stage three, it is healthy to discuss anything that upsets you. Differences are approached positively, not seen as things to brush over, hide, or suppress. Tolerance and forgiveness are part of the equation, because there are always two different individuals with points of view, interests, desires, goals, and rates of growth.

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At this stage, each person is highly aware of various traits in the other. Some you like and others you dislike, but you learn to accept the ones that cannot be changed. This is a time when expectations are readjusted and both of you become more realistic. Part of the process involves grieving the loss of expectations that cannot be met, and forgiving your partner for not conforming to your ideals. Making peace with yourself over the loss of your idealistic fantasies can take years — it really depends on your level of self-awareness, your willingness to let go of control, and the degree to which you are able to tune into the relationship.

This third stage, acceptance, also includes enjoying the partnership and supporting each other on the journey of life. On the path to mature love, these three stages blend into one another.

Park shi hoo moon chae won dating

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