Pcp drug treatment

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Soon after the medical field developed PCP, it discontinued the drug because of its ability to cause aggressive behavior and psychosis. However, some people use angel dust for recreational purposes. Because of its effects on the brain, PCP can become addictive.

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Let Gateway Foundation assist if you or a loved one has an addiction to angel dust. PCP is a shortened form of the chemical name phencyclidine. This hallucinogen has effects similar to stimulants and anesthetic drugs, depending on how much is taken. A PCP Pcp drug treatment disorder usually begins when users are drawn to the high that the drug induces and desire that experience over and over again. Addiction can produce intense cravings and PCP-seeking behaviors, despite the negative consequences associated with drug use.

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Angel dust is most often sold as a white powder that has a distinct, bitter chemical taste. However, it can also come in capsule, tablet or liquid forms. The drug is commonly snorted, injected or swallowed. In its powder form, it can also be mixed with marijuana, tobacco or even dried parsley or mint and smoked.

The drug has different effects on Pcp drug treatment people. Pcp drug treatment users prize PCP for its ability Pcp drug treatment change how they perceive reality, creating shifts in light, color, sound and touch. Others use it for the out-of-body experience it provides, causing people to feel detached from their environment. While some people feel joyful from their PCP high, others experience severe anxiety and panic. This panic can induce violent behaviors toward themselves and others.

Some people also struggle with intense delusions or paranoia. At low to moderate doses, the effects of PCP impact the mind and senses. At higher doses, PCP can induce seizures or cause users to fall into a coma. Hallmark symptoms high doses include delirium, paranoia and an inability to distinguish reality from fantasy. Another effect PCP can have on users is an experience called a flashback.

During this experience, users feel the side effects of PCP days, weeks or even months after their last use. PCP, or phenylcyclohexyl piperidine, was developed in the s as a surgical anesthetic. Veterinarians also utilized it as an animal tranquilizer. Doctors soon realized that patients were experiencing a of adverse side effects after PCP was administered, including post-operative psychosis, severe anxiety and feelings of unease. Bythe use of the drug was discontinued. It was restricted to veterinarian use only in The s saw the emergence of PCP as an illicit drug. The hippie counterculture movement used the drug for its mind-altering side effects.

The sale of PCP was made illegal in PCP is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance because of its high potential for misuse as well as physical and psychological dependency. Today, over six thousand people throughout the U. Neurotransmitters allow the various parts of the brain to communicate with each other and influence a wide range of functions.

Angel dust affects neurotransmitters related to reward and mood, including dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. It also blocks NMDA receptors that Pcp drug treatment learning, emotions, memory and feelings of pain. A person who takes PCP may experience these side effects:. Angel dust users can cause harm to themselves or others because of these behaviors.

It can become difficult to tell when you have a PCP addiction because of the way that addiction develops. An angel dust drug treatment program in Illinois can perform a screening to see if you show the s. Drug addiction treatment centers for PCP take a variety of approaches to treating angel dust addiction.

You can receive two broad of angel dust use disorder treatment:. The services you receive at a PCP drug use disorder treatment center depend on the provider and your needs. Our comprehensive care plans include drug use disorder treatment services tailored to your medical history and past experiences. We look for the contributing factors behind your addiction to help you build a strategy for a successful recovery.

Your Gateway care team will address the physical and emotional aspects of addiction to raise your chance of success. Consider us your partners in recovery as you work toward a drug-free life. Professional addiction treatment can improve your well-being by empowering you to achieve goals such as:.

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Your Gateway care team will help you set benchmarks in recovery and provide the resources to meet them. With more than 50 years of positiveGateway assists Chicago-area patients in their addiction recovery. Our multi-site campus has various locations that make it convenient to get treatment.

To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, contact our staff today. See why Newsweek Magazine Pcp drug treatment us as one of America's top addiction treatment centers for the second year in a row. What is Addiction Medicine? Blog Contact Top Bar. Call Us Today at Addiction Destroys Dreams, we can help. PCP is also known by the street names angel dust, supergrass and rocket fuel.

You can receive two broad of angel dust use disorder treatment: Medical services: Some approaches to PCP addiction care involve the use of medication to relieve withdrawal symptoms. Pcp drug treatment sometimes make referrals to other providers to address specialized health issues related to the addiction.

Behavioral services, such as therapy and group counseling, help patients learn new habits. Some patients also need to manage mental health conditions that affect their drug use. Award-Winning Treatment. Call HOPE. Now, is the time to get the help you or your loved ones need.

Pcp drug treatment

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