Pictures used by online dating scammers

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The photo came from someone who could not believe it. It was proof, he thought.

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The photo showed he loved her, and she loved him. Nia Bluitt looked at the picture. She recognized it.

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It was a screenshot from one of her Instagram stories, but it had been altered. In the photo, she held a in front of her. But it was not her hand holding theshe realized. Yes, that is Nia Bluitt saluting in her military uniform, standing in front of an airplane engine, shooting a gun almost as big as she is and modeling a bikini on an exotic beach. Chances are you are talking to someone trying to scam you.

Even on LinkedIn. And experts say that is likely low because of the embarrassment of admitting you fell in love with someone who was not who you thought they were. As more people turn to dating appsthe Federal Trade Commission said online scams have tripled since the beginning of the pandemic. The FBI also Pictures used by online dating scammers an increase in online extortion this year. Bluitt has tried to watermark her photos, but they are stolen anyway.

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And when fake s pretending to be her are shut down, several more appear in their place. It's an uncertain world in an uncertain time, and the lonely are lonelier. The sad are sadder. And the swindlers will continue to swindle.

In one fake profile, Bluitt lives in Valencia. In another, she is Miss California. In others, she is In addition to the doctored photo, she was also sent a video. In the video, someone took a clip she posted to social media and dubbed over her voice to tell someone she loved them. The words did not match the way her mouth moved, looking like an old Godzilla movie dubbed into English.

The real Bluitt is a nursing student at Xavier University. She has a dog, and she has bills. She once wanted to be an attorney and ed the military to find a way to pay for law school. She is a real person who really was a combat medic in the Air Force. After she moved to Ohio, Bluitt was furloughed from her job as a flight attendant in October. She does not make money from Instagram posts. When the scam is Pictures used by online dating scammers dating one, people tend to become angry when she tells them the truth.

But once they accept it, Bluitt said, they become sad and dejected. When contacted by The Enquirer, Bluitt was concerned someone called the university and tried to get her in trouble.

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The end of the semester is coming up, and she recently deactivated her Instagram to prepare for finals. Facebook Twitter. She never met him. Keith BieryGolick Cincinnati Enquirer. Show Caption. Hide Caption. FBI: Lonely women are targeted by scam artists. Share your feedback to help improve our site!

Pictures used by online dating scammers

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