Sex at strip clubs

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The case was never followed up. Campaigners claim that the two clubs — women-run local business, which employ over women — are linked to violence against women and girls in the surrounding area. Bristol strippers at risk of losing their livelihoods and sex worker rights groups say the anti-strip club campaigns are driven by anti-sex work stigma, not facts.

And although strip clubs have been closed for over a year due to the pandemic, there were still sexual offences near the venues over this time.

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Overall, it is also the case that the great majority of violence against women happens in the home at the hands of intimate partners, not by strangers on the street. Anti-strip club campaigners have at times positioned their views in relation to the recent killing of Sarah Everard.

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If strip clubs are banned, workers will likely face increased violence. Sex work also provides many women with an income that allows them to leave abusive partners.

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Working as a stripper allows her to afford to study at university, and is also better for her mental health than other jobs she has had. This includes the struggle for better working conditions in strip clubs, as well as the battle for safety and rights via decriminalisation for the sex industry as a whole. The bill has now been delayed and is not expected to return to the Commons until summer.

In a country where only 1.

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Sex at strip clubs

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