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Live and die on this day. The intentionally ambiguous and thrilling ending of the movie polarized Short story ghost walker by ian mackenzie and critics alike. While ending explainers flood the social media platforms and discussion forums, neither director Joe Carnahan, now Liam Neeson gave a concrete explanation for the intriguing climax scene and the cryptic post-credit shot. Whenever asked about the tricky endingwriters slipped away from the question by saying that all they wanted was an ending from which, each viewer can draw their own conclusions.

Carnahan and Jeffers tightly packed it like a fresh onion with numerous layers. One has to peel-off them one-by-one to get into the very core of the movie. Those are the layers of emotional, philosophical, spiritual, and psychological planes of the movie. John Ottway, played by Liam Neesonworks for the company as a marksman to protect the other workers from a deadly pack of man-eating wolfs.

The pack of wolfs and Ottway know each other well as he has already shot a few of them down. The group boards a flight on their way back home. But, while crossing a storm, their flight crashes, leaving only 7 survivors. Ottaway, being a huntsman and familiar with the wolfs and the landscape, takes the lead and guide the others to a way out. But, they realize the shuddering fact that the group is followed by a pack of wolves.

The injured members of the group have two options; either staying at the crash site and wait for reinforcements or risk their lives and walk through the woods to find a shelter to save themselves from the hungry grey wolves. The group shrink to the helpless Ottaway. Now, he had to face the deadliest question of his life, to live or die?

While the alpha wolf approaches, Ottway arms himself with a knife and pieces of broken glass taped to his hands before charging against his enemy, reciting the lines of that childhood poem. With a snarl, the visuals fade out to black! And in a cryptic post-credits scene, the alpha wolf can be seen lying mortally wounded and it takes a couple of long and deep breaths. The climax sequence of the movie is the culmination of everything he went through, both in personal and professional life. In the last few shots, we see Ottway locking eyes with the Alpha Wolf, which hints at the mental battle already started between them.

As the Alpha Wolf approaching with a snarl, ready to attack, all the other wolves step back, honouring his supremacy. Now, has become hand-to-hand combat between the boys with the winner takes it all. Both of them know that. Ottway tapes liquor bottles between his fingers and breaks them into sharp weapons. Then comes the real surprise of the post-credit shot. Carnahan cuts the shot before we get into the details. The shot functions as a meter for the viewers who made up their mind about the end soon after the fade into black shot in the climax.

The viewers can compare their constructed end with the hints given in the post-credit shot. In other words, the director wants the mortal combat to happen only in our minds to generate different interpretations from Short story ghost walker by ian mackenzie viewer. When the movie hit theaters, the climax and post-credit scenes polarized the viewers. While the majority of viewers chose to believe that Ottway survived the deadly battle and the Alpha Wolf is dead. But there was an opposite side to this belief.

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The plot hides a hint to answer this question. When the Alpha Male and the pack finds out Ottway in the climax, the entire pack round hip. The scene evokes a terrifying feeling of a group attack in a helpless man. But, all Short story ghost walker by ian mackenzie wolves except the Alpha Wolf step back for a commanding growl of the supreme leader. The entire running time of the post-credit shot shows the predator takes labored breaths, reminiscent of the dying wolf in the opening sequence in which Ottway shot one down to save an oil worker. After leaving the badly injured Diaz behind, Ottway and Hendrick go ahead through the woods.

When they are cornered by the wolves, Hendrick falls into the river in an attempt to save himself from the pack. His foot is locked between boulders while a helpless Ottway desperately tries to save him. He becomes utterly frustrated when Hendrick drowns.

Then, he decides to do take things into his own hands. The scene marks the crucial plot point which culminates in the mortal combat in the climax.

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The scenes following soon after the plane crash show the survivors from a group and Ottway takes charge as the Alpha Male. As they are fleeing the wolves, the group shows traits of a wolf pack. There are parallels with the wolf pack all along the journey of the group. When everyone except Ottway falls behind, he becomes the lonely Alpha Wolf who needs a pack, because, without a pack and its hierarchical structure, the Alpha Wolf slips into an identity crisis.

The climactic combat between Ottway and the Alpha Wolf is important because it has the shades of a wolf fight. However, the latest studies show that when an Alpha Wolf fails in combat, it often becomes a beta wolf in the pack, and not let to die. In the starting scenes of the movie, we see Ottway as an apparently broken man, both in emotional and intellectual terms. The lust for life has been there inside him all the way down to the forest, but, it takes a plane crash and a chase of the wolf pack to make it a flame.

Now, to live and return to his wife is not an option for him, but a question of survival, in the most primitive way. Ottway stands for human beings in the history of mankind and fights against the wilderness of nature. He also bears the burden of the crimes committed by humankind on nature and its other inhabitants. Obviously, he had to pay the price of this imbalanced score by fighting his way out. The post-credit scene underlines the stand of the movie on human intrusions on nature and our detachment from it. Both are equally exhausted and wounded.

But, they lie there not as a predator and its prey. Together, they radiate a oneness, in which nobody can win over the other, but simply co-exist. We are nature, in and out! In a way, the movie contemplates deeply about the phenomenon of death and its impacts on everything.

The death factor culminates in the combat in which it stares Ottway straight in the eyes. At this point, another layer of the movie comes atop. The fear, which born along with a baby, grows as the baby becomes an adult and becomes unbearable when the baby turns into an older person. Ottway is surrounded by wolves, with the Alpha Wolf finishes him in front of his pack. Another one could argue that the Alpha Wolf is the Short story ghost walker by ian mackenzie God he Short story ghost walker by ian mackenzie for not showing something real earlier.

Here is something as real as an Alpha Wolf, battle ready, with his pack as guards. For a completely lost Ottway, the Alpha Wolf can be a sent by God to take him back to his wife. Remember, his suicide attempt at the beginning of the story was in fact interrupted by a howl of a wolf! The movie becomes a modern masterpiece because it made a man, who is on the verge of suicide, to fight for his life with a predatory Alpha Wolf with his entire pack watching the action. In a way, he wanted to earn it by fighting with the Alpha Wolf instead of committing suicide. The Grey, Explained Ragesh Dipu.

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Short story ghost walker by ian mackenzie

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