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My just-turned 16 year old is going for the first time to the movies with his girlfriend. Is he expected to pay for her ticket now that it is their first with just the two of them? What about in your area? While it's been a while since I've been 16, ;it was always the case that the boy paid if it was a date. But gee, now that I think about it, I haven't the first clue what kids are doing nowadays in regards to this.

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My son has been saving his money to take a girl out to the movies. I doubt she will have him pay, but he wants to be prepared. That being said my dds always take along costco movie passes, and or enough cash to pay for themselves in case there was any kind of misunderstanding. If my dd asks a guy to the movies "Hey, do you want to go see the Avengers on Friday?

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She says boys are weird about things like that. Because movies are such a popular date activity I know parents who give their sons stacks of movie passes for 16th dating age at our church birthday presents, or put them in Christmas stockings. When my Dh was over the mens' group at church I put out a monthly list of interesting things going on in our area that would be fun for "Date Night" to encourage the men Teenage dating who pays take their wives out on dates.

It turns out the list was used by the young single men more than the married men. Some have complained now that I don't do it anymore. What you tell him now will set a precedent for the future.

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If you want to encourage him to be "gentlemanly" he should probably pay for his date. But it's sort of part of teaching him how he should treat a girl he is in a relationship with! Officially - from my teens - if he asked her, he should be prepared to pay. Opening doors is always nice, too. She tried to pay for herself and he said that he was paying. He is same age as dd. If he pays for the movie, she should pay for the snacks. He can be prepared to pay for them, too - but I have told my Teenage dating who pays to offer to cover the snacks if the boy get s the tickets.

My 15yo stepson says that he should pay for everything unless the girl insists on paying for the snacks. Yes, he should definately pay. I remember going on one date with a guy who made me pay my way and I was a huuugggeee turn off and I took it as rude. I did not accept another date with him. When my children are older our son will pay for his dates and our daughters won't accept dates with guys who aren't gentlemanly enough to pay for them.

Yes, I think this is true. If you want to encourage gentlemanly behavior in your son, and if he asked her, then I think he should pay. Or at least offer to pay. Teenage dating who pays our town, the above would often happen, but also -- given that a lot of year-olds don't have jobs yet -- the girl might in turn offer to help out pay for the refreshments, for example.

Once the boy and girl know each other better and are more comfortable, they might each pay for themselves so that the burden isn't just on one.

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He should pay for the movie, and she should pay for the snacks. If he asks her out to dinner, he should pay for the main part of the tab but she Teenage dating who pays get the tip. Mine don't date yet but we have talked about this in terms of outtings with friends etc too. It is not fair imo for 1 party to always shoulder the bill, and in dating that is often the boy. The reasons: first, I remember feeling hugely uncomfortable when a boy paid for dates and we didn't hit it off; I felt that if he still liked me but I didn't like him, I nevertheless "owed" him something, had to put up with being kissed even if I had no desire, because he had paid.

No one ever taught me that this was so. I just felt it intensely and I suspect I'm not the only one. Then, too, my dd is not as assertive as would make me feel comfortable about her handling of such a situation. For both of these reasons, I'm going to stress that she pay her own way in order to make it easier for her to resist any kind of physical pressure and to say no to future dates, should she wish to. Money complicates any relationship, and I think many girls would prefer to take that out of the equation when they are just in the very very early stages of getting to know someone.

For traditionalists, there are still a lot of possible ways to behave in a gentlemanly manner even if the girl pays her own way. I completely, completely agree with you!!!! You need to keep it simple when you are first dating someone. Also, I don't see it as "gentlemanly" to pay for a date. I find it to be very sexist until you Teenage dating who pays an established relationship with someone.

I am very uncomfortable with the idea of "boy pays" because that creates a situation where the girl "owes". I will encourage my daughter to pay her own way, because that way she has equal standing in the relationship and is less likely to be pressured into things she is not ready for.

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No way do I want my DD into such a situation. I always thought so but I know that my ds and his girlfriend pay for themselves. I know he does not get enough allowance for his "dates". That was what I was wondering, if the boy doesn't have a job are his parents expected to pay for dates? Then he's a jerk and she should stop seeing him. A date is not a lady of the evening and should not be treated like one.

My now-DH always paid for me when we were dating I covered tips, snacks, parking, etc. Ok, well they have been friends for a year and just recently decided to give "dating" a go. He hasn't been allowed to date as just a couple until he just turned He and this young lady and several friends often all go to a movie together.

I understand today was a "let's grab a movie" from her and both of them were dropped off as they were before he turned I did give him the speech on being expected to pay for dates conversation on the way there. It was so expected 25 years ago and it just wasn't something I really put any thought into.

As someone said earlier though it very often made things, at least, mildly uncomfortable. I always felt a bit guilty for how much they were spending. I often felt the pressure to be a "good date". Teenage boys don't have any more money than teenage girls. He's trying to save up to pay for a third of a car our deal with him and I am certainly NOT paying for his dates. Now that I'm not a teenage girl and much more practical, I think a young lady should be taught to have the mercy to pay for her half of a date she agrees to attend.

Have mercy on the teenage boy trying to save for the other important things in his life just like she likely is. When I was Teenage dating who pays this to my son another moment I didn't realize he didn't know this he said, "Well, I just won't date. That's not fair and I can't afford it until after college, I suppose. If the boy doesn't have a job, then he should invite the girl to do things that don't cost much, and find a way to earn the money to do them and things that might cost more.

DH and I disagreed a bit over this, but he is the type that always wants to pick up the tab when we go out to eat with friends. DH expected for DS1 to pay for the first 2 or 3 dates, and if the relationship continued, then going dutch or alternating was fine. I am also fairly certain he would slip DS1 extra money to help Teenage dating who pays with those first dates. DS2 isn't dating yet but has been invited to dances, and in those cases we have worked out with the other parents who is covering what.

I feel if the couple comfortably talk about how to deal with who pays - and come to an agreement that they both find acceptable, then they shouldn't bother dating. If he asked her then he should pay but as others have said, she should cover snacks. We always helped with gas cost too so Teenage dating who pays wasn't an added expense.

Honestly though, my very favorite dates were the ones that cost nothing.

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I once had a guy show up in his parents car with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, coke, and Cheeto's. We hung out at the park, had a picnic, and rode blocks of ice down the hill. Anyway, if your ds wants to date her encourage him to find cheap and fun activities so no one has to foot the bill. ETA: In my area cheap dates are common and expected.

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Fun is the name of the game around here so the kids do a lot of goofy things. I haven't been out on a date for many, many, many, many years and yes, I'm old, but let's just lie a little and say I don't look it so I won't feel ancient, and I never, ever paid for a date. The guy paid. For everything. It never would have occurred to me to offer to pay.

Teenage dating who pays

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