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As a female photographer, I mostly think about beauty from a female point of view, and rarely stop to consider boy's routines. I grew up in Tel Aviv and for this series, I wanted to focus on photographing the beauty of local young manhood. As masculinity and male beauty standards have shifted on a global scale, I was curious about how that would translate locally. Tel Aviv Tel aviv men always been the liberal, open-minded and gay-friendly, coastal city of Israel — but it is also a melting pot. What do you do? Ben: I am 19 years old, from Tel Aviv. I just finished a year of volunteering for social services.

During which, I worked in a few different places like a community coffee house, which employs people with disabilities, social services kindergarten, the local kennel and a high school. Do you have a beauty routine? Ben: I wash my face, moisturise and put on night cream. I stopped washing my hair. Now I use baking soda to Tel aviv men it, and some oils for the smell. I put on some make-up when I go out sometimes, black eye pencil, and lipstick. How would you define local beauty? Ben: Colourful and optimistic. Do you think Israeli masculine beauty standards have changed in the last few years?

I think things in Tel Aviv have moved on from that look to something a bit more fashion forward, more genderfluid. Didi by Dafy Hagai Didi What do you do? Didi: I am a year-old waiter. I consider myself a double agent living outside of the city but still being a part of the Tel Aviv nightlife scene.

How important is beauty in your daily routine? Didi: I mostly invest in my body.

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I started going to the gym in the last year. I believe beauty is usually something that makes you feel comfortable so I try and dress as comfortably as I can but still look fit. Shoes are always my main accessory. Didi: I think men even cis-straight ones are allowing themselves to be more experimental with their looks; wearing pink, crop tops and grooming themselves. Even young kids are changing their outlook.

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They are influenced by all the body positivity and diversity that's going on in the world of global masculine beauty standards. How is your identity expressed through your appearance? Didi: My Tel aviv men are from Poland and Russia. I think a lot of our culture is influenced by western culture, so we were all growing up idolising western beauty standards. I love natural beauty and imperfections. Amitay: I use coconut oil on my face. I use conditioner for curls which makes my hair nice. I shave my face with a razor — I shave a lot of times a day.

I carry around my small set of clippers and shave throughout the day. I like to be in this genderfluid place, a bit masculine and a bit feminine. I like to dress nice. I also use black eye pencil and smear it. Amitay: The gay community has influenced the cis straight male beauty standards, for sure. Allowing yourself to be more open to new looks, colours, and wanting to look good — bringing to mainstream men the option to wear things like Tel aviv men tops and be more fashionable generally.

Yohai by Dafy Hagai Yohai What do you do and how do you define yourself? Yohai: I am 20 years old. I live in Afula at the moment. I define myself as non-binary; sometimes I wear heels, sometimes tracksuits. My routine is minimal. I cut my own hair once a week, I wash my face in the morning and at night and I shave. We decided as a group to move to Afula North of Israel and live there after we started asking ourselves about what kind of lives and what kind of society we want to live in.

Yohai: Very colourful, for me personally I think about authentic Mizrachi Jewish beauty: thick brows, big lips, something very natural but still groomed, and gender fluid. Tel aviv men The standards have changed a bit thanks to, mainly social media, but also TV, mostly around topics of gender fluidity.

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I think men control the world, and more and more strong women have started to work for gender equality. Which has created some change in the fashion world and the way men are perceiving beauty. Muhammad by Dafy Hagai Muhammad What do you do? Muhammad: I'm I grew up in Jaffa and Tel Aviv.

Now I study art at Haifa.

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I define myself as Palestinian that lives in Israel, as opposed to an Israeli Arab. What's your beauty regime like? Muhammad: Mostly nothing, pretty raw. I have a moustache that I try to groom. I shave the rest of my face.

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I have a hoop earring I wear all the time. How is your background expressed through your beauty? Muhammad: I think my appearance is very Arabic. My grandfather was an artist, and their house was deed in the Palestinian aesthetic: the carpets, and blinds, the furniture. I remember thinking about it a lot as. On the other hand, my mom always decorated our house in the modern white Ikea aesthetic, and I have to say that's not really "me". German by Dafy Hagai German. German: I am 20 years old and a make up artist and I'm very into fashion. German: I use skin care cream, serum, exfoliatorfoundation, Tel aviv men and some highlighter.

Not trying too hard.

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How is your identity expressed through your beauty and appearance? German: My family moved from Russia to Israel. My mom always wore make-up and dressed nice, so I was inspired by her. The local attitude is my main inspiration. Alan: I am 18 years old, originally from Sudan, and moved to Israel at five years old.

I Tel aviv men basketball and I started modelling two years ago. What's your routine like when it comes to beauty? Alan: I cut my hair every two weeks. I only put on some lotion. I like to be and feel clean. I play a lot of basketball, yoga, running Koren: I am 17 years old, in high school, and model. Tel aviv men play football, basketball and I used to be a professional dancer. Koren: I go to the barbershop once a month.

I shave every day. I put on some cream, serum, and then mousse on my hair, to keep the shape of my curls. I spend a lot of time shaping my hair. I try to dress as nicely as I can. I like to wear earrings, mostly small diamond earrings. I also have a tattoo of a rose on my hand. I always liked rose tattoos, I think roses are beautiful.

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