The most beautiful woman in korea

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The Filipina actress was not able to defend her title this year and even dropped to 9th place in our Top Placing third this year is Tzuyu of Taiwan who The most beautiful woman in korea a total of 1, votes. Check out the complete tally of votes of the 12 Finalists from all 6 platforms of our annual poll below:. But still not considered as beautiful. If you put her name on this list before the popularity of CLOY, she will not win it. Truth be told SYJ is a plain Jane. From old photos you could see she did her CHIN which was wider. Now its slimmer so it was a major surgery work. Also her nose has am implant to make it higher.

Wonder why most could not see the difference or lying thru their teeth. Her supporters did not see the fake look. We are just being honest in voicing our opinion.

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We have our own preferences as to who is actually beautiful. Anyway this is more of popularity contest. Where else can we voice our opinion if not here? I personally have not voted. Did not know of the contest. Some were not so free to spend time on going crazy over actors or actresses. Please go to back trsck on old photos. Congrats, be happy. Congrats Son Yejin. And to those haters, thank u for supporting her still. And why on this comment section are disapoointed about the result.

If u could watch her old kdramas, her beauty is really captivating. Have read the feedback. Yes, agreed that SHK is beautiful. Since young, she is a beauty. Also agreed, there are other beautiful ones or better ones. Well The most beautiful woman in korea to do, due to success of CLOY. I doubt so, as Voters may not know what actual beauty is. Agreed beauty is subjective. Many will agree with me.

Agreed there are some who did not vote as not aware of contest. Congratulations SYJ! You are really beautiful. No need make up to be seen. A Best actress,keep fighting!! Congrats, though agreed beauty is subjective.

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Dont think her looks are all natural, look at her photos when she was younger. It was reportedly so. Your beauty captivated not only my heart but my whole being. Every single thing about you is awesomely beautiful…your voice, the way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you carry yourself. Congratulations Ms. Son Ye Jin! You will forever be the most beautiful woman for me. God bless! Beauty is subjective. Many would be disappointed. This is an amazing result. Emy B. Oh I see.

We are most surprised. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Leave this field empty.

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