The penny date

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The first rule is to get dressed to out and grab a penny. Get in the car and let your partner choose a between 10 and This will be the of times you flip the penny. Pull out of the driveway and begin your adventure. He is right, Tails is left.

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Every The penny date you come to an intersection, flip the penny and turn the corresponding direction. Once you get to the your The penny date picked at the beginning, stop. Look around. Make a date where you are. Of course, this could be easily adapted for different scenarios. I regularly go on date nights with my daughter Lucy, and this would work just as well with her. Not to mention outings with the whole family or a couple of friends. Or even a lot of money. You only need a spirit of adventure and a little creativity to have fun wherever you find yourself, just like when you were a.

I can really relate to getting lost and enjoying it! I moved to Abu Dhabi to teach in Relishing my freedom, I soon rented a car to secure my independence. I am not accustomed to living in a city so it was double the stress! But I refused to get a GPS! I am of the generation of maps!

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Well, my daughter came to visit and we had quite the amazing adventure! We traveled by my car to Oman and got lost several times! It was great! My The penny date still thinks I should rely more on Google Maps but I try to navigate around this city on my own whenever I can; it is a lot more exciting! Good Times! Gail Andrew. Escape Adulthood is the cure for the common life. It's not about escaping reality or responsibility.

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Add Spontaneity to Date Night with the ‘Penny Date’