Used car dealerships in college station tx

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up access your saved searches anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Already have a profile? in. Very nice low key guys, though we wasted about 30 minutes initially waiting on some paperwork which could have been spent familiarizing me with the vehicle I had ly picked out and came in to buy and take home. Just beware of all the new gadgets on these trucks. They are nice as long as they are working. I have spent more time in a service waiting room than any other vehicle I have owned.

Salesmen were very helpful and knowledgeable. Good used car buying Used car dealerships in college station tx. The service department is very nice, too. Freddie Wallace, has been great to work with on the up-keep of the mini-van.

Clint helped me evaluate if it was worth it to make the repairs on the mini-van, and then helped me to find a car within my budget that met my Used car dealerships in college station tx. He tried valiantly to find me a reasonably priced car with heated seats. He really listened to what I was looking for and addressed all of my concerns. I was especially glad to be working with Clint because I felt like he could relate to being a relatively young professional who is trying to establish themselves and make wise monetary choices.

This will meet my needs for home and work. It so far it exceeds my expectations. From the reviews I have read about this truck before purchase were conservative in their description. The 2. Also got an extended warranty full covg 7 yrs, k mi and interior warranty 5 yrsand another weather and paintless debt repair warranty 5 yrs. I've had no mechanical issues with it, and the only problem so far was a radio glitch where the radio didn't come on properly when starting up. Restarted the car and worked fine.

No other problems. With the interior warranty I get a professional detail once a year that keeps the white leather looking fresh. I've used the paintless debt repair warranty to take out door dings a few times. My only complaint is when the tires wear out, then the steering gets a little heavy in parking lots. Change tires at the dealer recommended intervals, makes a big difference. I have 30, miles on the car now and am confident this car will last a long time.

Also, find a dealer that will work with you.

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This GTR trim I've added front parking sensors, backup beeper cutoff for trailer, deg camera, and LED interior lights all at dealer. These only come on sig trim but u can have the white interior with all those features if u want. I was so impressed with the salesperson over the phone I traveled from sugar land to Bryan College Station to purchase Toyota Highlander not only that I got a great deal I also got great customer service experience Mr. Zeeshan is a great sales person thank you sir I will recommend all my friends and family member and everyone to go by car from him he also delivered my car to my door in Sugar land and made sure I knew all the features about my car once again what a buying experience.

Nice vehicle for families and plenty of cargo room.

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The quality of the interior is awesome. Power folding third row seat is a very accommodating feature. Will carry 8 people comfortably. We are very satisfied! I would buy there again. Pleasant experience. Time will tell if any follow up is needed. And service will be later on. But so far all contact has been good. It's exactly what I was looking for; used but not too used, low miles, good looking but not too many bells and whistles, and didn't need any work. So far I love the vehicle! It is a luxury, quiet, smooth driving experience.

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A huge reason for choosing the Highlander was because of the Toyota reputation for quality, safety and reliability. Good size for Used car dealerships in college station tx larger family with plenty of space in the middle and back rows. Plenty of power with the V8 engine. I would like to have seen more amenities that many of their other models have like: Power liftgate, auto lane safety control, lane warning lights in side mirrors, turning indicator light in side mirrors and relocate trailer plug connector further back towards the rear bumper.

This is my 4th Ford Explorer over the last 20 years and I am very happy. Every time I upgrade is nicer in every aspect. I am glad that after so many people telling me to just go to another style and company, I made the right decision. This car is fun to go out and cruise and have a little fun with some get up and go. F quad cab is the best! Soooooo fast, rides smoother than a Cadillac, it has very comfortable seats, passengers love the leg room in the back, and the ladder to get in and out of the truck bed is extra convenient!

Used car dealerships in college station tx SUV checked all the boxes: Nice ride, lots of room, looks good. It has multiple USB ports for charging and games. I like the heated seats and steering wheel. Had a great experience at Appel. Charles was the one who showed me the truck I was interested in. Overall fantastic customer service and the car buying experience was way better than what I could have hoped for! Vehicle should be a great fit for the growing family. Has the size we need for now and extra in case we grow again.

Can fit 3 car seats across the second row and one in the third if needed. Will give us the ability to take one vehicle when family visits. This was a long time ago but a very nice place to find what u need. And great customer service to. I would recommend going if u are in the market for a new car or truck. Love the new de, the overall size is much bigger which is a bonus! I was considering a Suburban originally. Great new dash, sunroof is huge! Very nice and knowledgeable sales person, Ashley, was attentive to our wants and needs to purchase a new vehicle.

Went above and beyond to work with us to obtain the model and color of vehicle we wanted even though they did not have one in their current inventory. Sales manager, Jeremy, was very nice and also helpful to get us the end result we asked for in pricing on new vehicle and trade in value of our existing vehicle. Very smooth and enjoyable transaction. Efficient but NOT strong arm high pressure like the Big City Dealers we visited to look at color choices of vehicle we intended to purchase from our local dealer.

Cole got my truck in and out of the shop in a timely manner. Very professional to work with.

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I highly recommend their service department. This car is a wonder. With the rear camera. The cabin is spacious and not confining. Although I haven't had to use the 3d seat I am confident it is roomy and comfortable. Happy I bought it. It was a pleasant experience working with Buck. I felt no pressure to purchase and he accommodated all of my request to test drive without questions.

The entire experience was easy and pleasant.

Used car dealerships in college station tx

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