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These included the caudate nucleus, part of the reward system, and an ancient brain area called the ventral tegmental area, or VTA. Similar brain areas light up during the rush of euphoria after taking cocaine. Other chemicals in play are oxytocin, What is lpve deepens feelings of attachment, and vasopressin, which has been linked to trust, empathy and sexual monogamy. Actually … in a case of science imitating poetry, the heart has been found to influence the way we experience emotion. Our brain and heart are known to be in close communication. When faced with a threat or when we spot the object of our affection in a crowded room, our heart races.

But recently, scientists have turned the tables and shown that feedback from our heart to our brain also influences what we are feeling.

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In this study, people were asked to identify scary or neutral images while their heartbeats were tracked. Garfinkel found they reacted quicker to the scary images when their heart was contracting and pumping blood, compared with when it was relaxing. Finally, in what must be a contender for one of the most romantic or mushy scientific insights to date, couples have been shown to have a tendency to synchronise heartbeats and breathing.

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Love is merely a madness, Shakespeare wrote. But it is only recently that scientists have offered an explanation for why being in love might inspire unusual behaviour. Donatella Marazziti, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pisa, approached this question after carrying out research showing that people with obsessive compulsive disorder have, on average, lower levels of the brain chemical serotonin in their blood.

She wondered whether a similar imbalance could underlie romantic infatuation. She recruited people with OCD, healthy controls and 20 people who had embarked on a romantic relationship within the six months it was also specified that they should not have had sexual intercourse and that at least four hours a day were spent thinking of the partner. A separate study found that people in love have much lower activity in their frontal cortex — an area of the brain crucial to reason and judgment — when they thought of their loved one.

Sexual orientation has several components, including behaviour, identity, attraction and arousal. For instance, in the UK there has been a sharp rise in the proportion of women reporting having had a sexual experience with another woman, from 1. As with any scientific investigation, the way questions are framed also makes a difference to the answer. So studies that ask people to pick between two or What is lpve would miss any more subtle gradations.

The sooner we learn What is lpve concerning human sexual behaviour, the sooner we shall reach a sound understanding of the realities of sex. It has been known for decades that sexual orientation is partly heritable in men, based on studies of identical and fraternal twins.

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In the s, a specific region of the X chromosome was linked to male homosexuality and more recent two specific genes have been found to be more common in gay men. However, the genetic factors that have been identified so far only play a small part in determining sexuality — not all men who have these genes are gay. Research on the genetic basis of female sexuality lags behind, which some have attributed to it being more difficult to study.

Others might conclude that there has simply been What is lpve effort to understand this topic.

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There are other biological factors at play as well. One of the most robust findings in sexual-orientation research is the fraternal-birth-order effect: gay men tend to have a greater of older brothers compared What is lpve straight men. This is a biological influence rather than a social one and is a big effect, increasing the odds of a man being gay by roughly a third.

In women, there is evidence that pre-natal hormone exposure can make a difference to sexual orientation. Pheromones are chemical als that are used to communicate and alter the behaviour of others. The first pheromone discovered, in the s, was a substance called bombykol that female silkworms emit to attract males. Ever since then, the search has been on — not least by perfume manufacturers — to find a human equivalent.

There have been some tentative claims. For instance, a known pig pheromone, androstenone, has been found in the human armpit. The strongest contender to date for a human pheromone is a chemical secreted from glands in the nipples of breastfeeding mothers. Cheating is widely disapproved of, but is not that uncommon.

Recently scientists have shown that some people may be genetically predisposed to being unfaithful. One study of nearly 7, Finnish twins and their siblings found a ificant link between the vasopressin gene and infidelity in women. Another studyby scientists at the Kinsey Institute, in Indiana, showed that certain variants of the gene for the dopamine receptor were more likely to be unfaithful and also more likely to be repeatedly unfaithful. Splendors and Miseries of the Brain : Semir Zeki.

The Bible — 1 Corinthians. The briefing. What is love — and is it all in the mind? Mon 11 Feb What do you get when you fall What is lpve love? Topics The briefing features.

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What is lpve

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