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If you ever find yourself at a McDonald's overseas, you may be in for a surprise. Even if the golden arches look familiar, what's available inside the fast-food chain is far from it. While you can always count on a ature Big Mac, fries, and Coke being on the menu, each country boasts its unique items in addition to the classics.

From shrimp burgers to chocolate French fries, there's more to McDonald's than meets the eye—and whether we'd eat these international McDonald's foods or not, they sure are fun to look at. InMcDonald's threw bacon-infused mac and cheese onto a sandwich. Macaroni and cheese already belongs on our list of the unhealthiest foods on the planet, and adding two pieces of toasted bread into the mix didn't do the sandwich any favors.

It's probably a good thing this is no longer on the McDonald's Hong Kong menu. Speaking of the Where are the asian meni m looking for fun Hong Kong Menu, though, there are a lot of fun options that are still available and are way different from what you'll find in the States. You might not expect to find pasta on a breakfast menu or on any McDonald's menubut this one looks too delightful to resist!

Not into ham? This breakfast option can also come with sausage and egg toppings, or with grilled chicken as a lunch item. Until recently, you had to hack the McDonald's menu to get chicken and egg on the same sandwich in the States. Now, you can add an egg to the breakfast chicken sandwich at the chain. But the McDonald's Hong Kong menu features chicken and a fresh egg, all in one sandwich. Milk tea isn't as popular in the States as it is in other countries. But for places that take their tea seriously, McDonald's is there to help!

You can also get hot tea with lemon and even hot water with lemon at McDonald's locations in Hong Kong. Seriously, why do we not have this in the U. McDonald's creamy soft-serve is just begging to be made into a Coke float. Not into dairy? McDonald's Hong Kong also serves lemon coke, which is what it sounds like: soda with fresh lemon slices. These turnovers—or panzerotti, as they're known in Italy—look like something you might find in the freezer aisle, not in a McDonald's. We'd try these if we were in Europe. But unlike the McRib, this creamy, crispy cult Where are the asian meni m looking for fun is made up of a fried crab and macaroni croquette between two steamed buns.

It can only be purchased during the winter months, which is probably for the best as it's like biting into a whole lot of wheat flour with a side of shredded lettuce. You may not have heard of poutine, but covering French fries in gravy and cheese curds is a Canadian staple—and McDonald's has jumped on board the trend. Although McDonald's regular fries rank pretty well on our list of the best fast-food friesthis version wouldn't make the cut.

If you've ever eaten a burger at Mickey D's and thought it was missing something, maybe all it needed was a scoop of mashed potatoes. Because who wouldn't want to try fitting their mouth around a burger with two beef patties, bacon, and mashed potatoes? Oh, wait… us. Minions are popular the world over, and there are several Minions-themed treats on the McDonald's Japan dessert menu.

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There's the banana Mac Shake, as well as waffle cones with minion-printed wrappers. Baci Perugina is a classic brand of Italian chocolate, so it's only natural that it would be blended into McFlurry treats in Italian McDonald's locations. As if maple bacon poutine wasn't enough, Mcdonald's Canada also thought it'd be a good idea to add a lobster roll sandwich to their menu. Because anyone stepping into a fast food place is looking to order lobster, right?

Even if you may have been brave enough to try this, the chain had to discontinue the summer staple due to rising lobster prices. But overseas and across the Canadian border, spring comes with a McFlurry flavor that tastes just like a Cadbury Creme Egg. The ature vanilla soft serve is topped with egg fondant sauce and chocolate pieces.

Yep, we're planning a road trip. Have you ever wished you could order a McDonald's chicken sandwich with mozzarella sticks on top? Well, your wish is McDonald's Korea's command. Side sal aren't the only way to add vegetables to your meal at McDonald's Japan. If you don't want fries, you can get a side of sweet corn. How much meat can you possibly cram between two onion buns? The Cordon Bleu Burger tried to answer this question by piling bacon, a beef patty, and a fried chicken patty stuffed with ham one on top of the other.

Arteries, it was nice knowing you. It's unclear whether this item is for picky eaters or for someone who just really loves bacon. The Bacon Roll is exactly what it sounds like: bacon on bread, along with ketchup or brown sauce. What's black and white and odd all over? The black one was dyed with squid ink, and the white one was covered in black sesame seeds. And although you Where are the asian meni m looking for fun have thought they were burgers, the white one is just a fried chicken sandwich. What they do have in common is a scoop of mashed potatoes and slices of bacon, because the sandwiches weren't already weird enough.

We have to hand it to McDonald's India for the name of this side dish alone. This Hot Pockets-style treat is Where are the asian meni m looking for fun with vegetables, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. What do you get when you cross brunch with McDonald's? A bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich dripping with Hollandaise sauce. Eggs Benedict is usually served open-faced, so we have no idea why this sandwich is topped, either.

Even though you can only find regular buns and English muffins on the menu now, McDonald's Singapore used to sandwich its burgers between sticky rice patties. The McRice Burger was discontinued, but in its heyday, it held beef, fried fish, or fried chicken. Dubbed the Sweety, this dessert's name doesn't lie. As much as it looks like a hamburger from afar, it was just two pieces of soft bread slathered with Nutella. Feeling like knocking out your entire daily salt intake in one sitting? In that case, the McKroket's got you covered.

This burger doesn't look that threatening at first glance—it only consists of a croquette and mustard sauce. But there's beef stew inside the croquette that's doing a lot of damage. So unless sodium is what you're after, avoid this McDonald's Netherland staple.

This wrap features fried paneer, a popular curd cheese in South Asia, but there is even more cheese melted on top, along with veggies and a creamy sauce. It's vegetarian, but it's not healthier than the meatier options on the McDonald's menu.

Most of us prefer savory flavors in the morning, but if chocolate's what you're after in the a.

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It's not on the menu anymore, but you can still get savory McToasts, as well as a single-serve Nutella packet to spread on a McCroissant. It's called Chicken McDo and it's available on its own or with rice. But why would you choose either of those options when you could have a side of spaghetti instead?

Satisfy those surf and turf cravings with a shrimp and beef burger from McDonald's Korea. You can double up on patties with red meat sitting right atop fried fish, complete with all the normal burger fixings. Would you like that with red pepper flakes, powdered cheese, or BBQ? Just pour your topping into the bag and close it, then shake, shake, shake until your chicken is coated.

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Or until your arms are tired. InMcDonald's spent 18 months developing an Asian-inspired dish to sell in Austria as a limited-time test dish. They imported the ingredients from Thailand, adding veggies, chicken, salad, and sweet-and-sour or curry sauce to bowls of noodles. They called the whole thing McNoodles—shocker.

Did you ever think you'd be able to have a cute plate of mini pancakes at McDonald's? You can in Japan, where McDonald's serves these mini versions in addition to its traditional hotcakes. Oreo McFlurries are available in McDonald's across the globe. So why aren't Oreo shakes? We'd love to get our hands on one of these. We can get on board with milk tea, but combining tea and soft serve isn't something we saw coming. That doesn't mean we wouldn't try it!

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The menu at McDonald's locations in Canada includes a of delicious-looking baked treats. There are five types of muffins and five kinds of donuts! Take that, Dunkin'. Think of this sandwich as the McDonald's version of Uncrustables. The company website bills this ham-and-cheese sandwich as "the first and only round toast.

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Where are the asian meni m looking for fun

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