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I am deeply grateful to God for such a special and spectacular gift to humankind. A word that is often associated with sex is needs. Many of us are all about getting our sexual needs met. But instead of focusing on our personal needs when it comes to sex, I would like to offer four general needs surrounding this vitally important Woman seeking casual sex Crucible. We need to talk about it. Sex was deed by God. It is a vital part of Creation. None of us would be here without it. So why do so many of us, especially those in Christian circles, have such a difficult time talking about it?

And why is it that when sex is talked about in the church it is almost always spoken of in negative terms? Admonitions are sternly given from pulpits across the country that sex is, indeed, a dangerous thing. Did you even know that there is actually an entire book of the Bible devoted to the incredible pleasures and raw wonder of sex? Kevin Leman is a Christian psychologist who bravely has gone where not many Christian leaders have gone before. In his book, Sheet MusicLeman broaches the subject of sex with refreshing, albeit rarely seen candor.

He writes about the sheer fun of marital sex, addressing taboo subjects like oral sex, sex toys and sex positions. For many in the church, talking about sex is forbidden verbodenfor my Dutch friends because there is shame attached to it. To Woman seeking casual sex Crucible the origin of this unfortunate connection between sex and shame one must go all the way back to the Garden of Eden. Soon after God created the first couple, Eve sinned by eating the fruit God specifically told her not to eat. I contend that Adam should be exonerated because Eve was naked when she invited him to have a taste.

The Bible tells us that then, in an effort to hide from God, they sewed fig leaves together and covered themselves. And, because they covered their naughty bits, the logical conclusion of many a biblical commentator is that sex is to be forever associated with shame. The reality is, eating the forbidden fruit had nothing to do with sex. They were ashamed because they were in the wrong, not because they were in the raw.

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Sex, as God deed it, is never to be disdained. We should never feel ashamed to talk about such a common and important part of our humanness. We need to Woman seeking casual sex Crucible its purpose. A primary reason God invented sex was to populate the earth. They had to have sex to have children. Sex was also deed by God to feel really, really, really, really good. It is meant to be pleasurable, even enjoyable. It is a wonderful, phenomenal gift given by our Creator to deepen intimacy between a husband and wife.

We need to identify and overcome obstacles. As I have worked with people in my ministry who are struggling with relational issues, I am genuinely saddened by the of hurting souls who have confided in me that they are living in a sexless marriage.

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In my experience, sex is rarely the cause of marital trouble. A lack of intimacy between husband and wife usually indicates more serious issues beneath the surface. In Sheet MusicDr. Leman identifies the greatest enemy of sex for most men as the lack of imagination on the part of their wives. The killer of sex drive for most women, Leman writes, is exhaustion.

Seek ways to relieve her exhaustion. Give her a break from the kids once in a while. Take her on dates. Woman seeking casual sex Crucible things for her around the house before she asks you to do them. Another common obstacle to sex is a distorted perception of sex. I once counseled a woman who shared that she grew up in a home where sex was never discussed.

There was no noticeable affection between her parents. Having been raised in a rigid Christian environment, she abstained Woman seeking casual sex Crucible premarital sex. Not because she was committed to honoring a loving God with her purity.

But because she was terrified of disobeying an angry God with her sinfulness. There are many different issues that threaten to snuff out sexual drive. Husbands and wives owe it to each other, to themselves, and to God, to identify and work through those issues. We need to enjoy it to the full. An intimate relationship, by definition, is a relationship marked by intimacyor closeness. It is love that is intensely personal, and completely uninhibited. By de, sex between a husband and wife is to reflect the intimacy of their relationship.

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To be full-filling, in the true sense of the word, sex must engage our entire being. Casual sex is void of intimacy; it is merely a physical encounter. God-ordained sex is the mystical union of body, mind, and soul. It is two becoming one. A fulfilling Woman seeking casual sex Crucible life takes work. But, considering how much awe, wonder, and sheer pleasure the Creator put into it, it is too important to not put forth maximum effort. Dan completed his initial Crucible weekend in He is an author and speaker whose passion is to help those looking for love, healing and grace in their lives to find it in relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Dan Kuiper August 17th, These are not insurmountable barriers. They are often easily taken down by simple communication.

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