You may say i m dreamer

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Posted on February 28, by JtoJ in Volunteers. I have yet to visit Abbey road but I have definitely had a great deal of their lyrics on my mind. These John Lennon lyrics in particular resonate with me greatly as I continue my work in the nonprofit organization, raising awareness for issues of social injustice. I feel my mind constantly turning with ideas and visions of ways to help make a better future for all of nature and humanity. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged from even trying to make a difference.

There are currently so many wounds that need healing on our planet that it feels challenging to even know where to start.

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The other day I heard this song playing and though I had heard it several times before, these lyrics especially You may say i m dreamer out to me this time. The only problem is the mainstream media outlets constantly draw attention to all the horrors and tragedies that go on and tend to neglect giving a spotlight to people who are doing good work and helping make a difference. People who do dream of making the world a better place are out there but they may just be a bit harder to find due to their lack of media coverage.

Truthfully there are far too many causes for just one person to help mend all, but if people all do their share, using the skills and talents that they are best at, then there really is hope. It is challenging to know where to start but the most important thing to remember is that each and every one of us has our own strengths and gifts to bring to the table.

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If your strength is singing, then sing inspiring songs that uplift spirits or touch on social justice issues. Or if journalism is your thing then maybe begin to write more articles on positive and inspiring stories. To say things more simply: the world needs some major uplifting. Whatever you are, be a good one; bring something wonderful to society. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

There are limitless possibilities, but my message is, no matter what path you choose to take on your journey to justice, you are making the right decision. There is no wrong way to help or wrong choice to make. Every action makes a difference no matter how big or small. Figure out what makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

Some people may make more drastic changes than others, but it all helps make a difference. We often think of these gifts as our own, but really a gift is meant to be given and shared. Whatever your gift is, stop depriving the world of it, remember your gift is so much more valuable when given to others. Your gift is your way of contributing to society and it is the best way you can help You may say i m dreamer a difference because it is something that you already enjoy and that comes naturally to you.

They were all so talented and they shared their gifts and used their lyrics to invoke social change.

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They sang for what they believed in and had a major influence on society as a whole. More and more I am realizing that the true healing and global shifts in consciousness will only be able to take place once all the people like us begin to find our passions and put them to use in the ways that feel meaningful to us.

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You may say i m dreamer

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